What’s the best thing about working with Steve?

  • He’s very quiet, which makes a nice change from some of the other noisy ones around me!
  • He has a really witty sense of humour, and he’s always calm.
  • His humour, while he may be a quiet guy, he’s wickedly funny!
  • Always has time for questions, and his incredible sarcasm always makes me laugh!
  • He always makes me laugh with is responses.
  • I can rely on Steve as a great sounding board. He brings a different perspective that is always helpful.
  • The fact that he is so calm and never angry, well, not that he lets on anyway!
  • Steve has a completely different set of skills to everyone else in the office. This can give a very refreshing approach to problem-solving, and he is mega fun to work with when “silly mode” is enabled!

What’s the worst thing about working with Steve?

  • That we only see him on Wednesdays!
  • That the Q2Q gang only get to see him once a week!
  • Nothing stands out to me…yet.
  • That we only get to see on Wednesdays…
  • Did anyone else mention that he’s only in on Wednesdays??
  • His desk is prone to getting a little dusty as he’s hardly ever there!

What is Steve the best at?

  • All things SQL, hence his secret nickname SQL Steve!
  • Dealing with tricky situations.
  • Excel, quick wit and sarcasm!
  • His nickname, “SQL Steve” says it all!!
  • He’s an SQL machine (bit of a theme going on here!) most of our clients may never get the chance to experience the full power of how Steve can make a database into a work of art! Literally 1000’s of fields of data organised in ways that you couldn’t imagine!
  • He’s my go-to for any “moral dilemma” type questions, he always gives a fair and balanced view of a situation.
  • I might be selling him short, but he’s TOO good at Microsoft Excel.
  • Making a complicated process, simple.

What is your favourite memory of working with Steve?

  • When I first started at Q2Q and was sat on the Park & Ride Bus, someone sat next to me and started talking to me, I had no idea who he was, turned out to be Steve!
  • I was once asking Steve to look at a client’s ticket for me, I accidentally pressed “send” halfway through the message, having only written “please could you look at a ticket for me…” He quickly replied “any one in particular or can I choose?”
  • Steve was the very first person I met at Q2Q as he interviewed me over 7 years ago! He also was my mentor through my apprenticeship at Q2Q, where I had a bizarre external teacher, but Steve always made it fun on the boring interviews with them by injecting his humour!
  • Not a specific memory, just the general fact that he has always demonstrated unwavering loyalty and support to me and to Q2Q, no matter what craziness we’ve been through over the years!
  • Doing an out-of-hours many years ago, we completed an office shuffle in Scotland that had lasted all weekend (Friday night to Sunday afternoon). We were just about to leave and head back on a 2-hour journey home, when we heard some beeping from the server room. Following a short investigation, the email server had completely failed hardware. After several hours of server CPR we made the decision to rebuild. Steve volunteered to do the night shift and babysit. I remember arriving in the morning to what looked like Hermen Munster in the server room… Steve had worked a full weekend (mega long hours) and then the whole night, still ready to crack on while he let us have a bit of sleep!

If you could change one thing about Steve, what would it be?

  • That he’s in the office more!
  • I’d change his work pattern so that we see him more.
  • Another them going on here, but I’d definitely like him to be in the office more.
  • He could be more like the other Steve and bring in biscuits when he’s here on Wednesdays!

If you could steal a particular talent from Steve, what would it be?

  • His SQL skills!
  • His calmness and sense of humour.
  • His acerbic wit!
  • Excel… I would love to be able to be an Excel wizard like Steve.
  • His ability to unequivocally prove where a problem sits, when it comes to SQL or his many other fortes.
  • His comedic sarcasm is legendary!
  • Obviously his cool database skills, and his ability to remember ALL the Excel keyboard shortcuts and tricks.