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For businesses which don’t count ‘tech’ among their skillsets, when they find themselves in a situation where they need to significantly develop their infrastructure, this can easily feel very daunting

Techies, by their very nature, are usually highly intelligent, fast-thinking people, but can sometimes speak a totally different language to a non-technical person. At times, it can feel like this hinders conversations – as if you’re in a group dance, but hearing a different tempo to everyone else. You might need an instructor to intervene and bring you back on track, so that the flow of the dance isn’t interrupted.

This is where Q2Q can help, as we are experts at bridging that tech gap – particularly when you have a small in-house team.

We have a diverse set of skills within our seven strong tech gang, all recruited deliberately to ensure we cover not just a broad range of technical know-how, but to also guarantee our collective problem solving and communication skills can match each of our customers’ different working styles.

Requests from clients see us frequently asked to contribute to ‘off scope’ topics that aren’t strictly IT related – as our team is more than simply technically skilled. We have experience in all manner of disciplines from retail, wholesale, operational delivery, data analytics, education, continuous improvement and change management – to name a few.

When you outsource technical consultancy, you employ multiple mindsets to view a problem. This allows you to obtain a fresh perspective on the task – leading to a greater chance of developing the most accurate description of the issue, in order to come up with the best solution. This is why it’s beneficial to loop in an external party when you have an internal team.

There are several scenarios where additional help can be advantageous:

  • You may have a specific IT project that requires a senior level of experience on a short-term basis.
  • You may have a junior IT colleague on board who can fix many of the day-to-day issues, but is constantly stuck in Google trying to solve problems, and would benefit from a monthly training and mentoring session from a more experienced techie, to expand their skillset.
  • You may want to have a senior consultant spend more time inside your business to really understand how IT could drive it forward – perhaps attending monthly board or operational meetings.
  • You may be entering a period of rapid growth and need to ensure that your technology not only scales up in tandem, but also becomes an enabler for further expansion.
  • Perhaps your company has recently grown rapidly and your infrastructure needs a serious overhaul.
  • Your teams may be aligned, but sometimes an outsider can ask different questions, and between our MD and techies, we will have covered pretty much any scenario!

We offer IT consultancy on an entirely flexible basis to suit your needs, from as little as an hour’s chat once a month with your internal IT person, through to two days fortnightly working at your HQ. It is entirely dependent on the level of support your firm requires, and the type of projects you are undertaking. For instance, you may have a specific area in mind, or simply be looking to strengthen your technology as a whole.

Your dedicated Q2Q consultant will visit your business and act as a senior technology team member – taking the reins of implementing your IT strategy. And any issues or projects they’re working on will be brought back to the Q2Q team, where you’ll benefit from the expertise of not only your consultant, but over 100 years of collective experience from our tech crew – ensuring you get the best solution.

We will then project manage and apply the changes, working closely with your in-house team where appropriate – bringing the added benefit that your employees will also gain new knowledge and insight.

Why not get in touch to hear more about the service we offer and how it can springboard your IT to a new level of efficiency, helping your teams to be more productive?

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