Managed Cloud Services

Why not use scalable, secure servers that bypass the need for complex physical hardware?

Put simply, cloud servers and services negate the need for SMEs to invest in and run hardware within their physcial locations. Instead, you can rent external virtual space.

And we’re here to manage everything on your behalf.

The benefits of managed cloud services for SMEs include:

  • Affordable and scalable subscription-style pricing, rather than a significant cap-ex investment in a physical server
  • Work from anywhere rather than being locked to one location – great for businesses with multi-site, field or remote workers
  • No need for any devices in the office, other than an internet connection – a great space saver!
  • Reduced cabling, cooling and electrical requirements, as these services no longer require power or office space
  • Back-up and recovery are provided as part of the service, reducing backup costs and downtime
  • Geographical spread, i.e. no single location point of failure, which improves the overall reliability and inherent stability of this approach
  • Environmental efficiencies – cloud servers and services ensure dynamic resource allocation which means machines aren’t being used to 20% of their capacity, 40% of the time, for example. This is a far more environmentally sustainable way of working
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