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Lorna Stellakis


At Q2Q our goal is to show up as the best version of ourselves and do everything in our power to make a meaningful contribution to both our colleagues, and the customers we support.

My role is to provide the overall direction and ‘eye on the compass’ as to where the Q2Q team are heading, setting the overarching business strategy and financial budgeting, and setting the example for the culture.

My primary driver is trust, which I believe is achieved by being honest, consistent, and delivering against promises. The team at Q2Q have all been recruited based on these values, with ability being secondary, however, between them they have over 100 years’ experience in the IT game, so there is no shortage of technical talent!

I work closely with the team to ensure there is continuous organisational performance improvement that is always customer focused, ensuring they are working collaboratively and efficiently. Plus, I coach them individually and as a collective, to bring out their best abilities in supporting our clients.

While I’ve always been involved with systems implementation throughout my career, I have an operational background and no specific IT experience. However, if anything, I believe this makes me more qualified to ensure the team delivers great service. Having been on the wrong side of poor IT support in the past, I relate to how crippling this can be to a business, and therefore make it paramount that we ensure IT issues are as invisible as possible, leaving customers to get on with running their companies smoothly and hassle-free.

Damien Gelder


As Head of Support I work closely with the Managing Director. The Senior Team Leader and the Core Team leader.

I work on resolving IT issues for our clients, my skillset adapts according to the needs of each individual customer. This can include anything from straightforward projects, to often the most frustrating time-sensitive challenges.

After 21+ years of experience, every day delivers an exciting variety. I love this about my job!

I’m also often travelling to visit businesses that are in need of an IT saviour while working on projects and proposals for new or existing clients.

I enjoy overseeing projects and contributing to positive changes for our clients.

From an IT standpoint, it is incredibly important that I help our clients experience seamless growth while working with us as a team, not just a supplier.

Steve Robb


As a developer I mainly work for one of our larger clients helping them improve efficiencies by automating processes.  This is mainly done using SQL and Excel. I am also involved in integration projects between themselves and third parties.

Sharyn Farrar


I take care of all aspects of accounts and HR.  Taking care of the customers with regards to all things invoicing from billing enquiries to payment plans. Taking care of our suppliers to ensure we always pay them promptly. And, of course, taking care of our staff to ensure that they are all happy and well looked after in every aspect of their lives at Q2Q.

Martin Bilton


My role is largely internal training, prevention and safety net.

My part time role allows me to impart some of my knowledge and experience to the team whilst giving me the opportunity to maintain my Sysop skillsets. My many years’ experience of technical problem solving mean I’m one of the team’s go-to contacts for really complex IT issues and expanding their knowledge and understanding.  On the prevention side, I analyse systems and try to identify where improvements can be made, to help ensure that predictable problems can be prevented from happening. In other words, if there’s a puzzle to solve or a more efficient process to be found, I’ll definitely be there working it out.

Ash Williams


I am the team leader for the senior engineering team here at Q2Q whilst also being a senior engineer myself.

I oversee the day to day operations of the senior engineering team, managing new client onboardings, overseeing client projects, resolving escalated tickets and high priority (crisis) issues. I also take a hands on approach and work directly on some of the above issues when required, whilst sharing any knowledge, experience and idea’s to lead the team to further success.

Steve Carroll


My role is Senior Technical Support Engineer.

I’m still relatively new at Q2Q so still finding my way, but I’m looking forward to supporting our varied customer base, getting to know the customers, and working on new and exciting projects.

Nik Birkin


My role is Senior Technical Support Engineer, specialising in all things AWS.

It’s still my first year with the team at Q2Q, but I am looking forward to getting involved with Projects and supporting our customers.

Tom Jackson


I joined Q2Q back in 2019, where I primarily worked with clients on day-to-day issues. I then moved onto the onboarding team where I facilitated the migration of client IT services over to us.

I’m now the Senior Team Coordinator! My current role primarily involves the organisation of the workload of our senior engineers where I keep an eye on their ticket queues and SLAs. I’ve not had to break out the senior beating stick just yet…

Harrison Burke


As the Core Team Leader, my role encompasses several key responsibilities aimed at guiding and directing the core team while making crucial daily decisions. A central aspect of my work involves setting clear goals and establishing project timelines, effectively coordinating the efforts of team members to drive performance and foster a collaborative and productive work environment.

Effective communication is at the heart of my responsibilities. I understand the significance of conveying information clearly and concisely to team members, senior technicians, and other departments within the organisation. Whether it’s providing project updates, discussing technical requirements, or addressing any issues or challenges, I prioritise clear communication to ensure seamless coordination and progress.

Moving on to my role as a Technical Support Engineer at Q2Q, my primary objective is to provide exceptional assistance to customers in resolving their IT queries. My expertise extends to handling technical issues both over the phone and through remote support, striving to swiftly restore our clients’ operations to minimise any disruptions they may face. In situations where a more hands-on approach is necessary, I am readily available to visit our customers’ headquarters and provide on-site support, ensuring that they receive the necessary help promptly and efficiently.

Furthermore, I take an active role in driving continuous improvements for our clients. I constantly review IT operations to identify areas for optimisation, seeking to enhance efficiency and deliver even more effective solutions.

Both roles require a keen attention to detail, proactive problem-solving skills, and a dedication to maintaining high standards of customer service. As the Core Team Leader, I understand the significance of effective leadership and communication in achieving our team’s objectives, while as a Technical Support Engineer, I am committed to delivering exceptional support and driving positive outcomes for our valued clients at Q2Q.

Phil Irwin


I work with our customers to resolve problems on all manner of IT issues – making sure they can get back to ‘business as usual’ as quickly as possible. I’m pretty handy with anything involving hardware and tend to be the go-to guy if something is proving particularly difficult to repair or service.

While providing reactive assistance – on the phone and via remote support – is a big part of my role, I also regularly visit clients’ sites, to ensure their IT is ship-shape or if problems need a physical presence to resolve.

Additionally, I attend networking events and am on the Q2Q onboarding team, ensuring new clients are welcomed to Q2Q in a caring and friendly manner.
I’m also Q2Q’s in-house photographer, keeping our Instagram up to date, as well as our customer excellence champion, working on team best practice, to ensure we are always giving a great service to our users.

Mike Nelson


I’ve got my feet well and truly comfy under the desk, cannea believe it’s been over 2 years since stepping through the Q2Q door on the first day. Since then, there have been many adventures and challenges here and days remain varied ranging from London site visits to local Lancaster customers including the lovely OSG close to the hill top castle. We all strive to do our level best to help and support both one another and our ‘customers’ and the genuine supportive atmosphere within the team makes coming to work a journey with a smile.

Benjamin Biss


As a technical support assistant, I tend to do a bit of everything at Q2Q, from fixing hardware all the way to customer service.

In whatever area I’m needed I always try my best to provide the highest level of service I can, along with the rest of the Q2Q team.

Will Woods


As a Junior Engineer, I tend to do a bit of everything at Q2Q, from fixing hardware all the way to customer service.

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