Lorna Stellakis


What I do at Q2Q:

At Q2Q our goal is to show up as the best version of ourselves and do everything in our power to make a meaningful contribution to both our colleagues, and the customers we support.

My role is to provide the overall direction and ‘eye on the compass’ as to where the Q2Q team are heading, setting the overarching business strategy and financial budgeting, and setting the example for the culture.

My primary driver is trust, which I believe is achieved by being honest, consistent, and delivering against promises. The team at Q2Q have all been recruited based on these values, with ability being secondary, however, between them they have over 100 years’ experience in the IT game, so there is no shortage of technical talent!

I work closely with the team to ensure there is continuous organisational performance improvement that is always customer focused, ensuring they are working collaboratively and efficiently. Plus, I coach them individually and as a collective, to bring out their best abilities in supporting our clients.

While I’ve always been involved with systems implementation throughout my career, I have an operational background and no specific IT experience. However, if anything, I believe this makes me more qualified to ensure the team delivers great service. Having been on the wrong side of poor IT support in the past, I relate to how crippling this can be to a business, and therefore make it paramount that we ensure IT issues are as invisible as possible, leaving customers to get on with running their companies smoothly and hassle-free.

Background and Achievements

Most of my career has been in the mad world of fashion, on the planning and operational side. In my previous role as operations director for a heritage menswear brand, I was responsible for the end-to-end journey of the product, from range planning and sourcing, through to production, quality control, logistics, warehousing and customer service.

Some of my key achievements in this role were improving on all delivery and service KPIs, increasing quality performance from 10% rejects to 1%, and delivering a significant number of process advances across the team, while also delivering a 10% cost saving on overheads.

As this role spanned so many disciplines, it enabled me to focus on my true passions, process improvement and people development.

My proudest achievement was introducing a ‘continuous improvement project team’ to the wider business, bringing a positive culture change based on ‘appreciative inquiry’ and ‘solution focus’ ideas. The workshops we developed empowered people to solve problems cross functionally, and they considerably improved communication, collaboration and efficiency, while making savings to the bottom line too. These workshops have formed the basis of the tools I now incorporate into Q2Q.

Hobbies and Interests

Walking with my dogs, eating out with family, and pushing my limits at the gym!

It’s an office full of creative geeks with great banter, what’s not to love?!

Reality TV.

Walking in Wales if I am feeling energetic, a longer break in Crete if I need a rest!

Fun, nurturing and efficient.

My first car was a 1966 Humber Sceptre, which started my obsession with cars.

Thai food, long walks with my dog and creating ideas with Post-it Notes!

I’ll listen to pretty much anything I can sing along to.

‘Islands in the Stream’ by Dolly Parton.

How many calories there are in food… I am a walking calorie calculator!

At Q2Q we’ve been through several years of quite rapid growth, so 2023 is all about revisiting processes, finding new efficiencies, and taking some space to settle in the new team.

On a personal note, as I am rapidly approaching my next milestone age, I’ve just joined a gym to work on my fitness, so deadlifting my own body weight is the ultimate aim this year!!

Has to be my iPhone, it has replaced the memory bank in my brain, and I am far too reliant on it!!

My Remarkable2 comes a close second… I grab any opportunity persuade people to use one, it has literally changed my working day and revolutionised how I organise my notes 😊

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