Reach peak IT productivity with the Q2Q IT audit

Are you struggling to understand the current state of your IT infrastructure? Preparing for growth and worried your IT might not support you? We can help!

Picture the scene. You’re about to head out on your first ever hike, so you’re starting small. Dressed in shorts and a T-shirt and sporting some comfy trainers, your only real equipment is a full water bottle to keep you hydrated. You’ll top up your bottle when it gets low and as your walks become more frequent, your trainers will inevitably wear out – so you’ll replace them as often as you need to.

Simply put, you’ve got the bare essentials covered – and that’s fine. But what happens when you’re ready to step up your game? Those same clothes and minimal supplies won’t sustain you for long on your way up a mountain – and this lesson of scalable support is a great analogy for IT.

Whilst your current IT solution may be the equivalent of this beginner’s hiking equipment list, as your business grows, you’ll inevitably face tougher challenges – and require more robust assistance to get you over those steep inclines and bumpy terrains!

Plus, as you bring more people into your team, you need to be able to accommodate everyone – no matter the pace they’re moving at or their role in the company.

Yes, you could invest in the same, top-of-the-range equipment for all employees to make sure all bases are covered. But everyone has different needs, so this one-size-fits-all approach isn’t always best – and is rarely cost-effective.


All the gear and no idea?

We can help you find the best hardware solutions to fit the needs of your team.

Step up your business growth again and you’ll need to be even further ahead of the curve where IT is concerned. There may even be competitors in your sightline, and the same old equipment you started out with just won’t cut it anymore – especially if you want to be taken seriously!

Setting out on a serious mountain hike with just a water bottle will no longer be enough – you’ll need focused planning ahead of your journey, alternative equipment that adapts as you progress and an advanced tracking device to monitor how far you’ve gone.

Enhanced safety precautions and proactive preventative measures will also be essential, as you’re bound to encounter more adverse conditions and trickier terrains as you work towards higher ground. And as melodramatic as it may sound, you’ll need to have a plan in place for every type of disaster scenario. As we all know, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

No matter what the summit of your business growth adventure is, seeking the right assistance can get you to the top. Going it alone is futile past a certain point, so it’s crucial to ensure you’re enlisting professional support to help rather than hinder your progress.

Our comprehensive IT audit will help you reassess what support you need, whatever stage you’re at in your journey. Starting out with a thorough 36-point health check of your current IT infrastructure and processes, we’ll then present our findings and recommendations in an easy-to-digest graphical report.

The result? A clear understanding of the areas requiring improvement – in priority order – along with a breakdown of the necessary actions to achieve real progress.

Q2Q IT technical Managed IT support IT audit at Q2Q HQ Lancaster, Lancashire and the North West

What’s Included?

  • An easy-to-follow graphical representation covering the state of your IT and associated services.
  • An overall score based on how great your IT could be – specific to your environment rather than using generic industry standards.
  • A colour-coded report providing concise details about which areas could and should be improved.
  • A financial summary of your known costs vs. what we’ve calculated you’re actually spending on IT – this can come as quite a shock!
  • An outline of savings that can be attributed to implementing our recommendations.
  • A comparative analysis of where your business realistically could be, if you undertake the remedial activities we identify.
  • A clear plan of what needs to happen and likely costs – it’s your choice whether you undertake this strategy yourselves, get your existing IT provider to handle it or enlist our managed support service.
  • A summary of any software licensing contraventions we’ve identified.
  • An overview of your IT network and hardware – including an asset list.

How much will it cost?

The IT audit itself is completely free – but with IT there are always improvements to be made, which will inevitably incur some costs.

If you’re willing to provide us with details of what you’re currently paying out for your IT, the assessment will prove even more helpful in ensuring you’re getting the best value out of your provider. This is because alongside any monthly retainer fees, we can also attribute unseen IT costs to your current business scenario.

For instance, if you’re not routinely patching your software and we uncover a weakness that could expose you to hacking, we’ll take into account the likely cost of failing to fix it. We can also calculate similar potential pay-outs that could arise further down the line, as a result of such inadequate processes as ineffective back-ups or inflexible telecoms.

By then adding these to the current base cost of your IT, we can estimate the overall expense of your infrastructure and create a comparison plan that’s based on undertaking specific remedial actions. The outcome is a clear understanding of what you think your IT is costing, what it is actually costing and how much you could potentially be saving.

And if you don’t feel comfortable disclosing your IT expenditure? No problem! We’ll simply estimate the figures based on what we observe before and during the audit.

Q2Q IT technical Managed IT support IT audit at Q2Q HQ Lancaster, Lancashire and the North West

In straight-talking terms, our IT audit will help ensure you’re getting the best out of your spending. To give you some idea of what these improvements might look like, we can:

  • Make your data storage more cost-effective – a typical saving can be around £200 per calendar month, depending on the size of your business.
  • Change the model of your email subscription – preventing the disruption caused by a boxed product that quickly becomes outdated and needs replacing.
  • Conduct background service checks – using discreet systems to detect any possible connectivity problems or pre-empt operational downtime before it arises. The IT equivalent of spotting that your shoelaces are untied before you trip!
  • Configure efficient data back-ups – ensuring no documents are lost or time wasted as a result of a system failure or machine shut-down
  • Set you up with the right equipment for your business – kitting you out with tools that can be continually refined and evolve with your company, so you don’t have to keep paying out for upgrades and replacements.

IT may seem like a mountain to climb, but we’re here to get you to the top! So, if you’re ready to embark on the IT audit trail, get in touch with our team of experts today.


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