Modern VoIP solutions that keep your communications flowing.

Challenges – and opportunities – within the modern business environment mean SMEs need to find smarter ways to keep their communications flowing. That’s why we provide hosted phone systems, which utilise the latest Voice Over internet Protocol (VOIP) technology.

Without getting overly technical, we use advanced software to network your telecoms via the internet, meaning you can say goodbye to expensive conventional phone lines and costly call charges. But the benefits don’t end there! The complete rundown of VoIP system advantages includes:

  • Minimum upfront investment – no expensive equipment required.
  • Reduced Cap-ex – costs are moved to an affordable monthly Op-ex subscription.
  • Reduced line rental you power calls via your existing internet connection.
  • Reduced call charges – you’ve already paid for your broadband, so minimal charges are incurred, even for mobile or international calls.
  • Flexibility – employees can answer/make calls from any location which is particularly helpful for branch, field or remote workers. You can also add/remove users as your business evolves.
  • Security – calls are encrypted to prevent cyber interception or eavesdropping.
  • Continuity – communication is key in business, and in the event of a natural disaster or hardware outage, your phone lines are often the most affected. Our hosted VoIP systems will ensure you are up and running again quickly and easily, so that you’re not cut off from colleagues or customers.


A hosted telephony system can be installed in a matter of hours, so long as an internet connection is available. Depending on the number of simultaneous calls, the only constraint may be your data connections. However, we are able to resolve these situations through one of our many connectivity solutions.

Communication is key in business

At Q2Q, we strive to keep you connected. In the case of a natural or hardware disaster, such as a storm, fire, or a power outage your phone lines are often the most affected. A hosted system ensures that during any local disaster, such as flood, fire or Internet outage, you are not cut off from your employee’s or customers as you can quickly and easily be up and running at an alternate location and even rapidly deploy solutions enabling your staff to work remotely.

To protect your phone capabilities a Hosted Phone System is the best solution for your business. Keep your communication flowing with the help of Q2Q.

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