Cyber Security for SMEs
What is cyber security?

The risks associated with online fraud, hacks, attacks and other cyber threats have never been so great. That’s why SMEs of all shapes and sizes need to adopt robust cyber security mechanisms to keep their employees, data and other intellectual property safe.

Or you can get us in to do it for you! The protection of clients’ systems, networks and data is something we deliver, as standard, within our managed IT support packages. In fact, it is our priority to safeguard clients from operational disruption, theft and damage to their hardware/software.

However, if you think you’ve got everything else covered when it comes to IT, and cyber-crime is your only concern, we can also supply stand-alone cyber security care. Why not get started with our free cyber security and network assessment?

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What is a cyber security assessment?

If you contact Q2Q for a cyber security assessment, one of our senior IT technicians will arrange a time to visit your premises to carry out a rigorous network health check. This involves a comprehensive 27-point review of the three most commonly exploited points of entry for cyber criminals:

  • Your network infrastructure (servers, network, firewalls and internet connection)
  • Your security (anti-virus, patch methodology, back-up and disaster recovery)
  • Your current IT set-up and the level of threat that this poses.

We’ll also evaluate the contracts you have in place with your internet service providers, as well as the extent of likely business continuity should you experience a breach.

When the assessment is over, we’ll send you a straight-talking report summarising the recommended actions you need to take, clearly colour coded for ease of priority. We’ll even include the typical costs. There’s no obligation to do anything else with Q2Q, but at least you’re equipped with the knowledge you need to be cyber safe.

Is your cyber security knowledge up to date?

Even the most vigilant of business owners can fall victim to the dangers of organised cyber crime. So, ask yourself, is your knowledge up to date? Are you aware of the latest risks and the ways that cyber threats can manifest themselves within an SME? Have you shared this insight with your employees?

It is important that everyone within your organisation is clued up on the risks associated with phishing requests, non-authorised device usage, connections to unprotected networks and so on.

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