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Q2Q’s exceptional customer service, IT support and advice, applies wherever you are and whatever company device* you’re using.

Working remotely should be as seamless as being in an office, and as more businesses than ever are choosing to adopt this model, you need to be sure that your IT provider is able to step up and help make this a headache-free reality, if it’s something you want to go ahead with.

And while remote working can have its perks, there are also some tech hurdles to face up to – and combat – too. But being aware of these and knowing how to remedy them quickly and easily can make the concept of remote working less painful and more pain free.

Reasons why Q2Q are home-working experts:

We work from home ourselves, so understand what’s required – the hurdles and pitfalls, and the secrets to avoiding them.

  • We’re masters of guiding people through technical resolutions with jargon-free language and instructions – you can even receive an optional certificate upon completion.
  • We keep abreast of current technologies to ensure we’re advising you on the right solution and taking into account your individual needs, location and budget.
  • We focus on getting you the right solution, utilising your current set-up where possible and with minimal disruption.
  • We are on hand to advise and assist with any tweaks required.
  • We recommend appropriate security measures in order to keep work and home IT issues separate – ensuring full IT compliance for both environments.
  • While we can’t always speak directly to your home internet provider, we can assess the service and provide you with the ammunition to give them a telling off if things aren’t right.

If you’d like to find out more, please give us a call to chat about how we can help!

*NB all devices must be the property of the relevant business and not personal devices.

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