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It is impossible to run a modern SME without the power of the internet. That’s why we offer a range of comprehensive internet and broadband services to ensure fast and reliable connectivity for your business, at all times.

Connectivity is at the heart of your business needs. That’s why we specialise in providing a range of internet services, to help you keep ‘up to speed’ (quite literally) in an ever-changing online world. The options are detailed in full here, but if you’d rather talk us through your requirements, we can outline which business internet service provider is best suited to your organisation and location.

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Internet Connectivity

Whether it’s business grade broadband, leased lines, EFM, FTTC or even wireless/satellite connections, we can provide connectivity solutions for any business size. We’ll work with you to understand both your current needs and future requirements, before making the best-fit recommendations for your business and location.

  • Affordable and scalable subscription-style pricing, rather than a significant cap-ex investment in a physical server
  • Work from anywhere rather than being locked to one location – great for businesses with multi-site, field or remote workers
  • No need for any devices in the office, other than an internet connection – a great space saver!
  • Reduced cabling, cooling and electrical requirements, as these services no longer require power or office space
  • Back-up and recovery are provided as part of the service, reducing backup costs and downtime
  • Geographical spread, i.e. no single location point of failure, which improves the overall reliability and inherent stability of this approach
  • Environmental efficiencies – cloud servers and services ensure dynamic resource allocation which means machines aren’t being used to 20% of their capacity, 40% of the time, for example. This is a far more environmentally sustainable way of working


Broadband (ADSL) is the typical entry-level internet connection available to most businesses at a reasonably low cost. It suits SMEs running basic e-mail and web browsing activities, however, to accommodate the data requirements of additional services such as internet telephony, a more comprehensive connection may be required.

Q2Q’s dedicated business broadband offers:

  • Connection speeds up to a theoretical 24Mb (download)
  • Asymmetrical speeds, with the speed down typically much faster than the speed up
  • A lower contention rate, of typically between 1-10. This means fewer people are sharing your connection, which overcomes disruptive fluctuations in speed
  • Typical installation within 5-30 working days
  • Dedicated tech support including setup, fast issue resolution, plus proactive router and switch monitoring to ensure peak performance. This minimises the likelihood of any costly downtime for your business

We can even provide you with a dedicated VPN (Virtual Private Network), should you require added security. This flexible connectivity solution brings together everyone in your business, no matter where they are or what device they are using. VPNs are also scalable to evolving business needs, which futureproofs the nature of the investment.

Leased Lines

For a premium-grade connection that runs typically from the local BT Exchange, directly through to your office or location, talk to us about a leased line. This service is supplied with a high-level SLA, typically coupled with penalty charges, which means the provider will do all they possibly can to ensure the line remains available. Of course this superiority comes with an associated cost, but if operations are truly business critical, as is the case with purely cloud-based SMEs for instance, this will undoubtedly justify the investment.

Key facts:

  • Connection speeds 1Mb -> 10Gb
  • Symmetrical service, i.e. the upload speed is the same as the download speed
  • Enhanced protection against outages
  • SLA’s stipulate the downtime permitted with large service credits in the event of an outage
  • Dedicated internet connection, i.e. zero contention
  • Typical Installation time is 45 working days or more.

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Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTC) / Ethernet First Mile (EFM)

Don’t get hung up on what these acronyms stand for – they both refer to the type of service that is delivered to (typically) the nearest roadside BT Cabinet. The main difference between the two is that FTTC uses a fibre optic cable and EFM contains a copper cable. In both cases, connectivity to your premises will ultimately be provided by a copper cable via the provider’s wall mounted box.

What do these services offer?

EFM key attributes

  • Connection speeds up to 20Mb.
  • A symmetrical service where the upload speed is the same as the download speed
  • A cheaper alternative to a leased line, as the service is assured from the cabinet not the exchange
  • As with a leased line, SLA’s provide enhanced protection against outages
  • A dedicated internet connection with zero contention.
  • Typical Installation +30 working days.

FTTC key attributes

  • Fundamentally a broadband service delivered, in part, through fibre
  • Faster and more reliable than standard broadband
  • Connection speeds up to 75Mbps down and 20Mbps up
  • An asymmetrical service, where the speed down it typically much faster than the speed up
  • Typical Installation 30 working days.

Wireless / Satellite Connectivity

If your business is located in a rural setting where the local BT Exchange is full, or in a larger city where a wireless connection is cheaper or more readily available, wireless or satellite connectivity may be the best option.

This is fundamentally a broadband service delivered ‘through the air’, although equipment does typically need to be installed on the outside of your building. Line of sight is also required, so this wouldn’t suit premises that are densely obstructed by surroundings such as a forest. However, if appropriate, such an internet service offers:

  • Connection speeds up to 75Mbps down and 20Mbps up.
  • An asymmetrical service where the speed down is typically much faster than the speed up
  • Typical Installation time of 30 working days.

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Point-to-Point / Same Site Connections

When one building needs to be linked to another in the same general geographical area, inter-site connectivity can be achieved through a point-to-point wireless connection. With this solution, devices are installed on the outside of each building and a secure connection created between the two to ensure that transmitted data is safe and encrypted.

This is a great solution when the electrical (network cable) connection of two sites is prohibited, where a fibre connection is not practical, or where the general ground works necessary to provide either are economically unviable.

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