Managed emails, anti-spam and email archiving support for smooth and secure SME communications

With UK businesses sending and receiving more emails than ever before, there has never been a more important time to implement a robust digital communication infrastructure that is secure, affordable and storage-savvy.

That’s why we offer a variety of cloud-based email solutions, ranging from Microsoft Office 365 through to Hosted Exchange which is suitable for larger organisations with complex existing infrastructures.

The benefits of our hosted business emails include:

  • Everything stored securely in the cloud, which alleviates any concerns surrounding mail servers, disk space and backup costs (archiving options are also available).
  • Transparent, clearly-defined, tax-efficient Op-ex costs charged on a per-user basis, with no capital expenditure required.
  • Completely transparent costing means that costs can be clearly defined.
  • The flexibility to add/remove users according to how your business evolves, but you only pay for what you use.

Every client is different so you may choose to opt for just some of our hosted business email services. However, if you want a ‘Mail Complete’ package, this can combine cloud-based email, archiving and anti-spam. Our Office 365 Plans (excluding Mail Only) also provide access to the latest versions of the Microsoft Office Suite of products.

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Anti-spam protection and Archiving

  • Almost half of all emails sent, per year, contain spam or malicious code such as viruses or malware. The need for anti-spam protection is therefore becoming increasingly critical for SMEs as they face mounting pressures to combat the risk of cyber-crime.Whilst many devices are supplied with conventional anti-spam protection, your employees will usually only see a ‘marked as spam’ warning. They can often still access viruses and phishing requests simply by clicking on a link. The key is to prevent such mail from ever getting into the business in the first place.Q2Q’s anti-spam protection does exactly this! Working alongside a robust anti-virus solution, our cloud-based system intercepts emails before they reach your IT infrastructure, providing an additional layer of protection for all your data.

Anti-spam and email archiving benefits at a glance:

  • Safeguard your business from offensive, malicious emails, viruses and phishing threats, even if your Exchange server is offline
  • Alleviate data storage constraints by reducing the amount of unnecessary emails coming into the business
  • Prevent data leaks by controlling and monitoring the flow of sensitive information
  • Reduce the likelihood of important emails being missed due to undesired inbox ‘noise’
  • Select options for spam filtering only, archive only or total protection
  • Achieve complete compatibility with Exchange, Office365 and GoogleApps (GMail)
  • Spool (or retain) emails during server failures or loss of connectivity
  • Encrypt emails for an added data security mechanism (optional extra)
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