Client: Moyne Roberts Group / Walker Fire

What was the challenge?

The Moyne Roberts Group is a rapidly expanding fire and security company with branches and sub-companies across the UK and Europe. A long-term support contract with another IT support outfit had come to an end and it was decided to move the entire server infrastructure to the AWS Cloud, Amazon’s virtual cloud system.

How were Q2Q involved?

Q2Q, having had a long relationship with the group, providing support to the UK head office in Preston for many years, were selected to take on the enormous task of migrating the servers, software, backups and everything else required for the hundreds of staff to operate.

The project was months in the planning, with multiple engineers at Q2Q dedicating countless hours of server upgrades, software and data package migrations and testing.

The final weekend arrived and from “down tools” on the Friday for the Moyne Roberts users, a massive operation at Q2Q swung into place. The vast majority of the engineer team at Q2Q worked day and night to have every user logged on and setup on the new systems before Monday arrived.

All users had their shortcuts re-pointed to the new servers, their profiles moved, and data and programs checked on a one-by-one basis.

What effect did it have for the client?

Staff were able to arrive on Monday and simply log on, with minimal disruption, and the business was able to continue as normal, with no impact to their customer base.

The group is now in a strong place, with infinite scope for expansion as they grow, a solid, reliable platform and the world-leading technology of AWS providing the backbone to the IT provision.

A moment to feel proud!

The team at Q2Q worked as a real family unit, with some of our engineers working through the night, pizzas being delivered by the boss to keep everyone fed, and the team seamlessly handing tasks back and forward around family meals and putting kids to bed. It was a real demonstration of teamwork and something to be very proud of!