A repair of an unusual kind!

Client: Spurrett Optometry

Spurrett Optometry, an independent and family-run optician in Kendal, Cumbria, offers expert eye care and unique eyewear. They have been a Q2Q client for many years, and we have a great IT relationship with them!

What was the challenge?

Spurrett has a vision test device for assisting patients. The machine consists of a screen with an integrated control computer. Sadly, the device was failing to boot and making a rather worrying noise!

Although not strictly a PC, our client approached us to see if we could assist.

After some questioning and group thinking, this was diagnosed as likely an overheating issue, as it would shut down after a few hours use, need a couple hours offline, then would work fine again.
The scary noise sounded like a failing fan.
The problems with the device were impacting patient appointments and causing a major headache.

The support team for the original provider of the device advised that if this was to be sent to them for diagnosis and repair, there would be several weeks turn around, which would cause even more cancelled appointments and delays.

What did we do to fix it?

Q2Q agreed to see if we could assist. Alan dropped the device at Q2Q HQ, where the team stripped the device and confirmed the suspected fan failure.
A replacement fan was tricky to source due to the rare nature of the device, and its small size and location, however a suitable item was eventually sourced and the operation to swap it out could commence!
The failed unit’s cabling was cut away, and the new item was carefully soldered and spliced into place.

Once booted, the noise had gone, and the device was able to stay cool as a cucumber!
Testing showed the device would stay on for hours, as it should be able.

A speedy result for the client!
The device was collected and put back into active service.
Spurretts appointments were able to go back to full flow, and their patients looked after once again.

This is a one-off device that we don’t enVISION 😉 Q2Q having to repeat for many other clients!