What is the best thing about working with Will?

  • His youthful energy and eagerness to learn.
  • His ability in such a short amount of time at Q2Q to dive into the deep end of IT without fear of the unknown!
  • He has a great sense of humour. He is one of those people that when he finds something funny, it makes you laugh, because he is laughing!
  • He is such a genuine person.
  • His “can do” attitude.
  • Will has been fantastic since he joined and it already feels like he’s been here for years! Is always up for a challenge, a great addition to the team! (Also, great to have football chats with 🤣)

What is the worst thing about working with Will?

  • His willingness to absorb new information/skills 🤣
  • He does not drink tea or coffee, so we cannot jump on him for a brew round.
  • He often eats lunch late, so make me hungry again when I’ve already had my lunch hours earlier!
  • His youth, he makes me feel very old!
  • He is constantly throwing digs at Man Utd., he knows how to push my buttons on that 😡.

What is Will the best at?

  • Working in a fast-paced environment and remaining chilled at all times.
  • He is very calm and takes everything in his stride. Even though he is new, he already feels like a safe pair of hands.
  • He is a great team player.
  • Being thrown in at the deep end and getting 5.9s from the judges.
  • Will is extremely reliable and he will never say no to anything! All round great person willing to learn new things!

What is your favourite memory of working with Will?

  • The Football Chat 😊
  • Just his daily amused exasperation with half of Harrison’s phrases and memes, he just shakes his head and laughs!
  • In the New Year, Will started chatting with me about a handbag! I’m not much of a brand girl, and I wasn’t sure what he was on about, but he noticed the bag I got for Christmas – he had bought the same for his sister. Gotcha in the first sentence!
  • When he compared me taking over Q2Q (not happening anytime soon 😂) to Gareth Southgate running England. (Basically saying I would do a rubbish job) I was not a happy bunny 🤣.

If you could change one thing about Will, what would it be?

  • It’s a little too soon to tell, but possibly his confidence when requesting information.
  • He is perfect! 😊
  • I would like to send Will back in time to start his career at Q2Q sooner, he is such an asset and I would have loved to have started working with him sooner.
  • Only for his benefit, that he lived closer to the office!
  • That he supports a football team so I can give him grief back 🤣

If you could steal a particular talent from Will, what would it be?

  • His youthfulness… does that make me sound a bit vampirish?
  • His cool, calm nature.
  • His calmness.
  • Taking an interest in football 😉.
  • I would steal his fearlessness, as he will tackle anything and everything!