In the realm of tech wizards, Steve Carroll, one of our newest Senior Techies, strives to be a beacon of efficiency. And his favourite secret weapon? The Remarkable2 tablet. This sleek device isn’t just a gadget; it’s Steve’s productivity powerhouse, revolutionising the way he works, organises, and manages his tasks.

Gone are the days of scattered notes and cluttered desks. With the Remarkable2, Steve can streamline his workflow like never before. Whether he’s scribbling down the minutes in a client meeting, making notes to document actions on a technical issue, sketching out network diagrams, or brainstorming solutions, everything is neatly stored and easily accessible on his device.

He can customise notes into folders, search, tag, copy and paste, scale, move and erase his handwritten notes. Plus, he can download PDF documents onto this versatile tablet, so no need to take his laptop or bits of paper to meetings!

Even more useful is the ability to convert his notes into text and upload them to his PC… as long as his handwriting is neat enough!! And the battery lasts up to two weeks, even with daily use!

But Steve’s love for the Remarkable2 doesn’t stop at work. Even his personal life has seen a productivity boost thanks to this versatile tool. From weekly shopping lists to home project ideas, everything finds its place in his digital notebook. And with the ability to sync his notes to his mobile phone, he’s always on top of his game, whether he’s at his desk or on the go.

Steve isn’t the only one reaping the benefits of the Remarkable2, quite a few of the team have jumped on board, including the Boss, recognising the efficiency and convenience it brings to our daily tasks. It’s become an essential part of our toolkit, helping us stay organised, focused, and productive in an ever-demanding work environment.

In fact, we’ve half-jokingly started to wonder if we should be getting a commission for all the Remarkable2 devices we’ve convinced others to buy. But jokes aside, the real reward lies in seeing our productivity soar to new heights, thanks to this “remarkable” piece of technology 😉

So, here’s to you, Steve, and to your trusty Remarkable2. May your notes always be crisp, your diagrams always be clear, and your productivity levels forever on the rise 😊