What is the best thing about working with Steve C?

  • Biscuits!
  • He is always so appreciative of everything.
  • He’s always willing to tackle any issue.
  • His ability to always be available to run to McDonald’s with a full company order!
  • He is always willing to help and is reassuringly calm with anything I’ve asked him to help with.
  • Endless supply of neatly stacked Jenga-style biscuits for the office! And always has a smile!
  • No matter what you ask, or what the issue is, he is ALWAYS willing to help anyone and everyone!
  • He’s calm, cool and collected!

What is the worst thing about working with Steve C?

  • When he doesn’t bring biscuits!
  • All the chocolate and biscuits he brings in?
  • As we share the same name and sit near each other in the office, we both look up when someone says Steve, just in case!
  • I now have competition on who can drink the most coffee in a day.
  • The number of calories he delivers to the office.
  • Endless supply of neatly stacked Jenga-style biscuits for the office!
  • You can probably hear him typing on his keyboard from a good mile away!
  • The constant biscuits, cakes and treats he brings in… dad bod!

What is Steve C the best at?

  • Being a team player.
  • Being an all-around great guy.
  • Never obviously stressing about anything.
  • Delivering a high number of calories to the office!
  • Working through an issue logically and not giving up, plus he’s always happy to help.
  • We don’t call him “Printer Steve” for nothing!
  • I would love to be able to do network topologies like Steve can, very methodical.
  • He’s very approachable.

What is your favourite memory of working with Steve C?

  • Biscuits!!!
  • When he sent a Teams message to everyone on a Friday morning asking who wanted a “hot sandwich” for lunch today… he meant McDonald’s!
  • Being calm in any situation.
  • I once told him that someone (a random stranger) tried to hard-sell me a router in the toilets of our multitenancy building, and he believed me! This was witnessed by various members of the team and it was super funny!
  • We worked on a project together in Prescott and I really enjoyed getting to know him, and discovered that we work really well together.
  • His regular shoutouts “does anyone want a Maccies”, that and his cheeky giggle when someone tickles him.
  • When Damien brought his VR headset in and Steve had the time of his life.
  • Our first site visits together, installing VC equipment in three rooms, was the best visual IT job I ever completed, with Steve’s help!

If you could change one thing about Steve C, what would it be?

  • Maybe jazz up the biscuits with some cakes now and again.
  • Have him hide all the chocolate and biscuits!
  • Claim on his expenses for all the office milk he buys. we just can’t get him to do it!
  • It would have been his keyboard which sounded like a jackhammer in slow motion as he types SO loudly, but thankfully he now has a stealth keyboard so you can hear yourself think again.
  • His surname… Steve McDonalds!
  • His ability to randomly brute force biscuits onto my desk.
  • The number of calories he delivers to the office.
  • His confidence, I think Steve is fantastic, he just needs to believe that too!

If you could steal a particular talent from Steve C, what would it be?

  • The speed he walks at, I can’t even run that fast!
  • He always appears super awake and refreshed in the morning… I wish I could be the same!
  • He always seems calm to me, and unflappable, chipping away and getting to the root of a problem.
  • Keeping relatively slim given all the biscuits and Maccy D’s he eats!
  • I would steal any aspect of his personality, I believe he is genuinely one of the nicest people I have ever met.