What is the best thing about working with Ash?

He’s as cool as a cucumber, a good egg for sure
He always has time to help if you need advice
He’s a fountain of knowledge and is always willing to share his expertise when dealing with complex technical issues. And he likes and talks about dogs, and drinks as much coffee as I do!!
I love working with Ash on literally anything, he’s always a laugh and will never take any shortcuts on any type of job
Being on the same desk as him
His hilarious quick comments!
Ash is very level-headed and very conscientious
The jokes that cannot be repeated
The way he makes me feel about myself

What is the worst thing about working with Ash?

His rapid brew offering… “brew anyone… no…no…no…good”
He never declines a coffee if someone else is making it!
There’s never any milk because he drinks one hundred brews a day
I suppose it’s worse for him, but I often accidentally kick his feet as our desks are back to back!
He’s so quiet I forget he is here sometimes in his corner!
He’s so quiet in his corner, I love it when Ash is a little hyper and a bit bouncy!
When he is in super-focused mode he doesn’t talk much
He sits in the darkest corner of the office… He must be Batman!

What is Ash the best at?

Logically working through a problem and the determination and desire not to give up
Everything and anything network-related – he’s the man!
Dealing with complex technical problems, Big Picture stuff and onboarding new clients
Networking (he is the network wizard) and new office memes
Everything Networking
I see him as Mr Network and Firewall guy!
Networks, Fortigates and coming up with new office memes
Ash excels in advanced Networking
Did anyone else say Networking??
I’m not sure, he’s a bit too good at everything.

What is your favourite memory of working with Ash?

Probably just the patient approach when crouched next to him, he never makes you feel like you’re pestering him, more that he’s willing to help and this comes through when he deals with our customers too.
When he sent a picture of him and the dog he looked after… they were both smiling!
A site visit we once did running network cabling across a roof void – had a great laugh while also doing a solid job for the client
The Green Room story is incredible and makes me laugh every time I think about it! Not for sharing publicly, you’d have to come and work for us to find out what happened!
Ash and I while working at a dentist once found a glass bottle full to the brim with old teeth. It was quite a surprising thing to come across, and not easily forgotten
Any time he teached something, he’s great at explaining why/what/who/how…
How lovely it was to sit next to him at the Christmas do and get to know him a little more
Re-wiring an office comms cabinet over a weekend and just singing random, made-up songs together!
When I thanked him for helping me and he replied “No problem my son!”

If you could change one thing about Ash, what would it be?

The period of time he wears shorts… surely they should go back in the drawer in winter?
As Kylie Minogue once said, “I wouldn’t change a thing!”
The very random and weird late-night texts hahaha!
I’d change his ability to have a tidy desk, as it puts mine to shame
He lived closer to the office, so he didn’t have that awful commute!

If you could steal a particular talent from Ash, what would it be?

His talent at logically and methodically working through an issue
His ability to keep digging and digging until he finds the source of a problem
His vast amount of networking knowledge and his ability to apply his skills to virtually any situation
His networking brain, it is incredible, and he is unbelievably talented at IT networking, would be the dream
His ability to give you a stare, that conveys a message without him needing to speak a word
Staying outwardly so calm and collected at all times!
His intelligence
Ash is super neat and tidy, I’d like those tidy skills to be mine as well