Understanding Effective Monthly Expense

Understanding Effective Monthly Expense

The Effective Monthly Expense is simply a straight line extrapolation, which is calculated by dividing the current monthly expense by the IT Audit score as a percentage.

When we conduct an IT Audit, we will ask you how much your monthly expense is.  We often find that the exact number isn’t known, but our customers can usually give us an educated guess within a range.

Once the IT Audit is completed, we use the score from this to calculate what you are effectively spending using a straight line calculation.

Let’s say you were spending £500 per month, but had an effective IT Audit score of 50, then that’s the equivalent of effectively spending £1000 but only getting 50% of the benefit.  This is where the real value of the IT Audit can be illustrated, along with any significant omissions or defects.

Value Trumps Price

Through providing evidence of what you are paying for vs. what may be deficit, you can readily re-access the value from your existing solution.

Because we are using the information you give us, based upon what you believe to be most important to your business, we avoid any techno-babble meaning that you are left with a document that really holds “value” in and of itself.

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