How Does The Internet Work?

The Internet is a global system of connected computer networks that allows devices to connect to each other from around the world. It is a network of networks and carries an extensive amount of information and services such as e-mails, the World Wide Web and other such things. But how does the Internet work?

IP Address

In order for a computer to connect to another computer through the Internet, it must have a unique address. An internet address has the form, where xxx must be a number between 0 and 255. This is known as an Internet protocol (IP) address.

Direct and Indirect Connectivity

When you are on a computer at home, you are connected to the internet. But you are not directly connected – you are known as a client. A computer which is directly connected to the internet is known as a server. This can be, for example, or These sites are stored on servers and are connected to the internet so that other servers can access them.

A client is indirectly connected to the internet through an Internet Service Provider (ISP). An ISP is directly connected to the internet and it is used to provide internet usage to the clients.

A client can connect to an ISP using a digital subscriber line (DSL), which is essentially technology used to transmit digital data through telephone lines.

Importance of Routers

Now, if you have an ISP and you are connected to the ISP through DSL, you are able to connect to the internet. However, because sending information can be quite strenuous and it can take quite a while, routers are used to make life a little easier.

A router is a piece of equipment that sends packets of data from one place to another until the initial packet reaches its final destination. For example, when you send an email on your laptop, it will be connected to the router, which will add some information to the packet so that it can travel to the server.

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