Anti-Virus: Benefits for Business

‘You need anti-virus in your computer’ is a common phrase. We all know how important this software is, given that the internet is not a safe place at all, no matter how much we’d like it to be. It’s the only way to remain protected against viruses, phishing, hacking and other threats – not even the most advanced technology is invulnerable to these issues.

And, for businesses, anti-viruses are even more important. At Q2Q we understand just how vital your information is, as well as your clients’, which is why we offer anti-virus softwarethat can keep you protected at all times.

Whether you’re the owner of a SME or a large company, it’s important to learn the benefits that having anti-virus can bring to your business:

Real-Time Protection

One of the most important elements of an anti-virus is how is offers protection in real time. This means that any files and documents that enter your computer will be actively scanned and stopped before they can damage your computer or network.

The software will be able to catch the infected program or file and either delete it immediately or move it to quarantine. This means that your anti-virus software will prevent any infected files from interacting with the rest of the computer.

Protection Against Viruses

This is perhaps the most well-known advantage of anti-virus software. They prevent your computers and, consequently, your documents and files, from being vulnerable to malware that will attack and damage them.

There are many different types of viruses, from trojans to malware, and each impacts your computer in a unique way. They can infect your computer or network via infected emails or visits to corrupted websites, for instance. Your anti-virus will be able to stop you from sending any infected files to your contact list, preventing you from infecting other computers or spreading the malware to your business’ network.

Protection Against Spyware

Anti-virus will also keep you protected against spyware that intends to steal both your identity and important documents you have in your computer. Designed to spy on you, this malicious software can steal your personal information, as well as your business’ sensitive data.

An example of spyware are keyloggers, which can record everything you type on any computer in your network, which can be used to then steal passwords and other types of data. A good anti-virus work in real time to spot this malware and prevent it from being installed and taking over your computers.

Protection Against Spamming

Another great advantage of anti-virus programmes is the way they prevent spam emails from flooding your inbox. While some types of spam are simply a nuisance, others can be dangerous to your computer and the information stored there. They can trick even the most internet-savvy person into divulging personal or business-related information

Anti-viruses can manage spam emails in such a way that you won’t even notice them. Investing in software that protects your computers is a must for any business, as it can keep you away from a wide range of internet dangers.

At Q2Q we not only provide you with the best IT support possible, so that you don’t have to worry about any computer issues, but we also ensure that you receive the best anti-virus software out there. We know that your information is invaluable and we do our best to ensure it’s always protected against any threat on the Internet.

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