Westworld: The Future for Business or Vivid Imagination?

The newest hit show to peak the interests of viewers worldwide is the AI dominated Westworld. It depicts a world where you can do anything you want, be anything you want and feel no repercussions. This is a result of the extremely sophisticated AI who look and feel as real as any person. It is an interesting premise, especially in our ever-modernising world.

Is this new HBO show the future of business/customer relations, or is it a cynical vision of those suspicious of technological innovation?

Loss of Connectivity

At its most basic level, the television show is about an amusement park, where guests can live out their Wild West dreams to their heart’s content. It is like a sandbox video game gone wild.

A major part of the premise is that customers interact solely with the Hosts (the name given to the AI’s). The real human beings all work in the background and never actually come face to face with their guests. They demonstrate the very best qualities of IT Support; they are forever in the background making changes to the world without the guests ever realising it. However, here at Q2Q-IT customer service is of massive importance to us. It’s not a case of you having to deal with a computer screen and never finding a real person. From the first instance in the park, the only human interaction the guest’s experience is with each other and there is a sense of unease in some people because of this issue.

We firmly believe that such a business – without any interpersonal relationships or connectivity – cannot translate to our world. No matter how far technology takes us, some level of humanity needs to remain in business in order for it to succeed. So, in this instance, the world of Westworld can be seen as completely unrealistic moving forward.

Technologically Behind

Despite the sophistication of the AI, we here at Q2Q-IT feel there is a lack of it surrounding the rest of the technology in the series. For example, the engineers use a hybrid tablet-phone to navigate their jobs. However, as we edge closer and closer to non-physical interfaces even in 2016 this seems slightly archaic for an advanced timeline such as Westworld.

If and when we reach such levels of AI, we think the accompanying technology will be way ahead of anything showcased on the show. The show also falls victim to the stereotypical Hollywood green and black computer interfaces. As if the less user-friendly an interface, the more technologically minded the user must be…

But, for all its technological faults we love the premise and the acting is astonishingly good! Are you excited by the prospect of AI and what it can bring to business? Then contact us on 01524 581690 to discuss your options with our friendly team here at Q2Q-IT, or you can email us at [email protected].

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