Why Your Business Needs Hosted Email Systems

Emails are an integral part of any business. The average worker receives an astonishing 121 emails per day. That’s a lot of information! With so many emails and information hitting your inbox on a day to day basis, the safety and protection of your inbox are more important than ever before.

With this in mind, we here at Q2Q-IT think that reliable and safe email should be an obvious requirement for your business. But, what does that entail?

Emails in Your Workplace

There are a lot of figures surrounding emails in the workplace, some of them may surprise you! The first email system was developed in 1971 and since then billions of emails has whizzed from one computer to another, with approximately 4.3 billion of the world’s population using email on a daily basis.

An incredible 42% of users check their emails in the bathroom, while 50% do so in bed. Work emails are no longer simply reserved for the work environment, with that in mind it is important that your email accounts are fully functional and protected at all times.

Hosted Email

Hosted email is a cloud-based solution which means that your emails will always be accessible. Meaning no matter if you are in the toilet, bed or sat at your desk at work your emails will be accessible to you 24/7. Such hosted email systems that we offer includes Microsoft Office 365 all the way to Hosted Exchange – no matter how large or small we have the email solution for you.

There are numerous advantaged to hosted emails:

• All of your email information is stored securely online.

• Transparent charges on a per user basis – costing is easy to define.

• Adding/removing users is extremely flexible – the system changes as your business changes.


Spam email is one of the most annoying – and not to mention damaging – things that your inbox can receive at work. Almost half of the emails sent to you will have some form of spam or malicious code involved. Therefore, an effective anti-spam software is integral to your business needs.

Some of the most useful benefits of this system include:

• A rolling 30-day email archive.

• Archiving capabilities for one, five or even seven years.

• Both inbound and outbound filtering.

• A separate server for the spam filter – preventing any virus or malware ever landing on your network.

• Automatic updates on spam software.

• This can be integrated with Office 365, Gmail, POP3 or any other email server you may use.

Of course, these features are completely configurable to your individual business needs. You can receive reports on the filtered emails as often as you wish, meaning you will never miss emails from those that get caught in the filter accidentally.

If you are concerned about your online email security and are looking for extra support, Q2Q-IT can provide the hosted business email that you need. Get in touch with a member of our team today by calling 01524 581 690 (Lancaster) or 01772 395 693 (Preston) and we will be able to advise you further.

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