Why Backup and Replication Matter

When it comes to the safety of your IT infrastructure, every measure should be carefully considered. Backup and replication are two very important components that every business should think about, as losing information can occur in several different ways, such as deleted or corrupted files, and these safety measures can help prevent it.

You might not want to imagine losing data, but it pays to be prepared for any eventuality.

Backup and Replication

When you back up your data you are making copies of all files, documents and other information, critical or otherwise, that you have on your network. This can also include a backup of emails and transactions. Replication means copying and moving data to another location. Another way it differs from backups is that replicating information occurs in real time (or near-real time).

Why You Need Both

Backup and replication are a safety net for your business. They can help you avoid downtime and prevent the loss of important information, which falls into two different categories. If a natural disaster, such as a flood or a fire, occurs, you might lose your files and documents; however, you can easily and quickly restore them if they’ve been replicated.

Other factors that can lead to data loss is human error and malware. If someone deletes important files from a server, for instance, or if they’re infected with viruses, your system can become corrupted. Replication can’t completely provide all the protection you require should this happen, but backups can.

This is why you should have both in your business, to ensure that no information is lost or damaged.

How Q2Q Can Help

We provide remote backup of your business data, in which your information is automatically backed up on a regular basis. We only store it for defined periods of time, so you don’t need to worry about confidentiality issues.

We offer a quick and easy process with no client input required. Our 3-2-1 methodology ensures 3 copies of your data (2 separate media types and 1 stored off-site), which can also provide peace of mind! We maintain and monitor your backups, so that your business information is kept safe and sound at all times.

At Q2Q, we offer business cloud backup and replication services that will offer you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your data is safe at all times. Call us today on 01524 581 690 (Lancaster) or 01772 395 693 (Preston) to learn more about how we can help you and never worry about your data again!

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