What is Connectivity and is it Secure?

You have probably heard the word ‘connectivity’ banded around, but do you know what it actually means, and more importantly, can you be confident in its security?

Connectivity usually refers to the way in which devices interact with one another. These devices commonly interact using an internet connection but may also use Bluetooth in the case of items such as wireless mouses and keyboards.

Recently, there have been a number of news stories concerning connected devices and their security, making us wonder, is it really secure when your devices communicate with one another?

The Cayla Issue

One such recent news story is that of a ‘smart’ children’s doll that can talk to children and uses an internet connection in order to find answers to questions and have conversations. However, the doll has proved to be lacking in security, meaning that it can be easily hacked. This is something that is particularly concerning considering it is a child’s toy and hackers are able to communicate directly with the children playing with the doll.

Equally concerning, though, is the fact that this doll can connect with other devices in your home, leaving them vulnerable to hackers even if you put security measures in place for these other devices. A recent BBC report highlighted the danger with the help of Dr Ian Levy, technical director of the National Cyber Security Centre. Dr Levy demonstrated how it was possible to hack into the doll from outside the home, commanding her to unlock the internet-connected lock on the front door.

As the new headquarters of the National Cyber Security Centre were opened by the Queen just days ago, cyber security is a hot topic, so you may be thinking about your own security.

How Can You Stay Secure?

Many of our clients have the need to use a number of devices that communicate with one another in the office, and in this ever-advancing world, we wouldn’t want to discourage using new technologies that can make your lives easier.

However, there are some precautions that must be taken in order to stay safe when using connected devices, just as you would when online. Take a look at a few of our quick tips for connected device security:

  • Each device should have a strong password – none of them should use the same password.
  • Only connect to secure Wi-Fi hotspots, even when you’re out of the office – a device that is hacked out and about can prove to be an access point for other connected devices.
  • Make sure to keep your devices updated as security features may be added to operating systems.
  • Don’t forget smaller devices – your smartphone and even your smartwatch can prove to be vulnerable.

Cyber security can be a daunting topic, especially for business owners who have a number of devices to think about. At Q2Q, we are here to give you peace of mind that your security is taken care of. With our connectivity services, we can help to keep your connections safe and sound with the added benefit of our specialised support services.

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