What’s the best thing about working with Nik?

  • Nik is a really decent bloke, with a vast amount of technical knowledge and experience that he is always happy to share.
  • Nik will always want to know 100% what he is dealing with and learn as much as possible. It’s nice to see someone have so much dedication to consistent learning and a desire to better himself.
  • He will do anything (IT related) at any time of day just so long as he is asked in advance, and as I’m asleep by 8pm most nights, he covers anything that needs doing after this time 😄.
  • Always willing to lend a helping hand without sacrificing his work.
  • There is someone in the office I can finally have football chats with! 🤣
  • His sense of humour 😊
  • His bombproof and encyclopedic AWS knowledge.
  • Nik’s documentation skills are par excellence!

What’s the worst thing about working with Nik?

  • Honestly, I can’t think of anything!
  • The random VERY LOUD sneezes. It’s not a competition, but if it was, Nik would win!
  • You may get jump scared occasionally by a loud cough or sneeze.
  • I believe he may have the world’s loudest stretching groan…!
  • He never lets me make him a hot drink!!
  • The smell of his cup-a-soups always makes me hungry!
  • The worst thing is that I can’t eat nuts in the office now 😟.

What is Nik the best at?

  • Cloud computing such as AWS and Azure.
  • Drinking coffee! I am sure he falls asleep at night while drinking the stuff.
  • Building new servers. I think he has broken a record in the last 12 months for new servers created.
  • Eating tuna sandwiches.
  • Handling virtual servers (cloud computing)
  • Nik is an AWS wizard, anything AWS, he is the man!
  • He is very intelligent, and he’s got such an incredible memory.
  • AWS – no question.
  • Avoiding nuts 😉

What is your favourite memory of working with Nik?

  • Once, when I was really failing to grasp a concept with AWS, Nik stepped in and really helped me to understand it.
  • I was calling the office very early one morning, knowing only Nik would be in. He answered, and I didn’t believe it was him. His official “phone voice” made me believe we had a new starter I didn’t know!! 🤣
  • Looking over and seeing Nik in the “IT Zone”, shades on, mini rave whilst having headphones on 😎.
  • When I found out where he is from! He’s from a small town in the East Midlands where all my family is from! It’s a small world.
  • When he brought some sweets into the office for everyone and it turned out they contained peanuts, breaching an office ban put in place for his own safety! 🤣

If you could change one thing about Nik, what would it be?

  • I wouldn’t change anything!
  • That he wasn’t allergic to nuts, I do love a good Snickers 😟
  • He should bring in some of these amazing cakes he makes at home that we always hear about.
  • Has anyone mentioned he drinks a lot of coffee? I would like to see Nik consume a non-caffeinated beverage, just out of curiosity to see if he can.
  • Cure his nut allergy, life is too difficult already 😟.
  • His nut allergy because I really miss nuts… if you couldn’t tell already 🤣.

If you could steal a particular talent from Nik, what would it be?

  • I would steal his analytical mind, sense of humour and cloud computing ability.
  • The ability to block out Damien’s singing and remain focused 😉.
  • AWS and IT knowledge in general.
  • To have a brain like Nik’s!
  • His ability to see cloud server infrastructure big picture stuff with such ease.
  • His knowledge of AWS. It’s a very expansive topic so one part of it can take ages to learn, I think Nik has a good grasp of the environment and all it can offer.