Updating your iPhone? 4 points to remember!

As all iPhone users know, Apple role out iOS updates on a regular basis, and like some people you have no yet upgraded to the latest version (released March 22nd). Either way we think there some essential points that you need to remember- especially if you use your business phone for important information. 4 points we think you need to consider:

Check for bugs 

Before you upgrade, think about Googling whether there have been any reported bugs from the version. If you are heavily reliant on certain iPhone features it makes sense to check Forums on-line to check that there aren’t any issues. For example in the release of iOS 9.3, many users encountered a bug that caused Safari to lock up when hyper links were used to open web pages. There are always ‘growing pains’ with new software updates so it’s worth waiting a few days in case a newer version comes out to fix these bugs.

Remember your credentials 

Apple ID will be asked for when you update. Make sure you have it handy or in a safe and secure place to avoid you having a to rack your brain trying to remember the complicated sequence you were sure that you would remember- we always recommend using Last Pass Chrome extension for storing passwords, so you could even but your iPhone ID in there too.


Do not forget! It’s so important or you could lose important files or photos. You shouldn’t ever lose any of your information during an update- but only if you back up beforehand. You can do this through either iTunes or iCloud. Take a look here for apples instructions on how to do either, if you are still confused, give us a bell.

Power your battery and ensure a Wi-Fi connection

Many of you will update over Wi-Fi rather than going through iTunes to save all the faff. But remember with this route, you need to make sure your battery is charged at least 50% or is plugged in and your Wi-Fi has a good connection. You cannot update without both of these points!

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