What’s the best thing about working with Sharyn? 

  • Her amazing fruit teas.
  • The huge levels of joy and positivity she always has a smile on her face, and I have never seen her in a bad mood.
  • She is always mindful of everyone and is very genuine.
  • Having another woMAN to back me up in the office when the boys are being boyish!
  • She is always caring and is very appreciative when you do anything for her.
  • Always has a smile and is always chirpy.
  • She’s literally my safety blanket with all things Accounts related, and my sounding board for all things HR. I don’t think she has any idea what a difference she makes to my days in the office!

What’s the worst thing about working with Sharyn?

  •  She doesn’t like Eminem!!
  •  The secret supply of chocolate biscuits she leaves next to the kettle!
  •  She rarely gets my sense of humour 😊
  •  Leftover Xmas treats brought in for us all to pig on when we’re on January diets.
  • Way too many tasty homemade cakes and biscuits bought in by Sharyn…..is that a bad thing though??
  • Stinky tuna for lunch most days!

What is Sharyn the best at?

  •  Being the office mum.
  •  Stepping through a process and ensuring the right thing is done in the right way, with a complete history for accountability and reference.
  • Making sure that everything is in order with our accounts and helping our customers with any queries.
  • Telling Harrison off for his inappropriate jokes… its hilarious when she tells him off with just the one word… “HARRISON!”
  • Being aware of everyone’s needs (and her printing skills 😃)
  • Seeing the good side of things.
  • Sharyn is so approachable and always has everyone’s best interest at heart.

What is your favourite memory of working with Sharyn? 

  •  When she brought in the orangey fruit tea… it was incredible!
  • Sharyn is so nice (literally the nicest person I have ever known), the first time she swore in the office after doing something silly was so funny.
  • Daily thanks for a USB extension cable.
  • Whenever she lets slip a ‘naughty word’!
  • Her putting up new signs on the doors at Q2Q HQ declaring it a “no nut zone” 😃
  • An outing with the Team to bowling, Sharyn held back from having a go initially, but I offered her to have a go for me and she loved it…sign up to the bowling league Sharyn 😉
  • I think this may crop up a few times, the nut story in the team meeting… the more serious she got, the more we laughed!!
  • She tells me how much she loves her job literally every day, which is SO lovely for me as her boss 😊

If you could change one thing about Sharyn, what would it be? 

  • I’d make her into an Eminem super fan.
  • To go paperless 🤣
  • Nothing…not one thing.
  • I think this says a lot about Sharyn that I can’t think of a single thing!
  • I’d love her to believe just how fabulous she is!!

If you could steal a particular talent from Sharyn, what would it be?”

  • Her paperwork organisation skills, it’s🔥🔥🔥
  • The ability to always treat every situation with a massively positive attitude.
  • Her mindfulness.
  • Being super nice ALL the time
  • Her positive outlook on anything and everything
  • Patience and seeing the best in people.
  • How she always puts everyone before herself.

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