We recently came across a LinkedIn post seeking ideas for an exceptional onboarding experience, so we wanted to share the evolution of our own Techie induction process over the past year; it has become SO much more than dull paperwork and procedures!

We welcome them with their desk and kit fully set up, and a personalised mug, water bottle and tool kit. In their first week they’ll have an equipment set up assessment to ensure they’re comfortable and will complete a manual handling course.

In the first two weeks they have one to ones with everyone in the team, each session focussing on a particular area of the business, including HR and all our policies, our values and current focus for our strategy, how we communicate, and the subtleties of how we all work differently on a day-to-day basis. Its very much a “getting to know you” phase, with the team talking not just about work, but also some insights into home life as well.

They then have various short courses to work though independently that teach them all aspects of our ticketing system. 

Following that, another round of one to one’s with each team member, focusing on our customer’s systems this time, the nuances of how each customer works, and who the key players are. 

After these are all complete, we let them loose on customer tickets, but with a very small selection of customers initially to get them used to how they work, focusing on basic fix and nothing too complex, with their Team Leader keeping a close eye on their progress. We gradually introduce them to working on more customers’ tickets each month, a process can sometimes take up to 6 months before we’ll have them supporting everyone.  

Once they are fully settled in, they’ll start doing client site visits, always accompanied by another techie for the first time they visit a client. 

To ensure they are on track and comfortable with their work they have one to ones with their team leader every week for the first three months, and a monthly check in with the Boss.  

This comprehensive approach benefits the new hire by helping them become a confident and capable team member, so Q2Q obviously benefits, but more importantly this contributes to a better experience for our customers.

We get great feedback from all our new recruits, so it seems to work very well!!  And this is just the start of a rewarding journey at Q2Q.

We’re on the hunt for a new techie right now, so if we sound like a place you’d like to work, get in touch with your CV [email protected]