Whats the best thing about working with Shannon?

  • That it’s only for another few weeks… joking!!! 😉
  • She makes the most amazing cakes.
  • Her vast knowledge of all our customers, and how they operate.
  • She usually does the brekky runs!
  • Her cheerfulness.
  • Her witty come backs to the guys when why tease her😊

Whats the worst thing about working with Shannon?

  • Making her a coffee and it NEVER being touched, it’s a complete waste!
  • Random chance of fainting and requiring first aid!!
  • Unable to open a can of pop without assistance… her nails are too long!!
  • Shannon doesn’t work Fridays, we need her here!!
  • The state/smell of the fridge when she forgets she has left an old item inside 😉

What is Shannon the best at?

  • Being her ditsy self, she will always make everyone laugh all day, every day.
  • She’s super organised on the Helpdesk.
  • Spinning plates (metaphorically speaking) not physically – that would be a disaster!
  • Organising the team and making sure we have what we need.
  • Shannon is a professional at spilling drinks!!
  • Cake Making… Yum!!

What is your favourite memory of working with Shannon?

  • I’m not sure if it’s my favourite memory – but I won’t forget when she passed out during a team meeting.  First Aider, Phil was first on the scene to help.
  • When she caught her bag around her chair, then managed to faceplant the floor…lol
  • The mostly annual tradition of the Total Warrior event is always a great laugh with Shannon.
  • When she spat her coffee out at a team meeting laughing at a joke that Ben made!!

If you could change one thing about Shannon, what would it be?

  • That she doesn’t leave Q2Q, we will all miss her really, she is loved by everyone!
  • I would give her more confidence.  She’s brilliant at what she does and a very kind and caring person.
  • How much money she wastes on Costa and Starbucks!
  • More variety in her baking, and that she carries on baking our cakes after she leaves as apparently she thinks she won’t have time!!! 
  • Defintely that she worked on Fridays.
  • Shannon talks fast, so when talking, learn to take a breath between sentences 😉

If you could steal a particular talent from Shannon, what would it be?

  • Her capacity for multitasking.
  • Her perseverance, no matter what’s going on, she turns up day in and day out, always wanting to contribute to the team and give 100%
  • Cake making.
  • I would steal her talent for witty comebacks.
  • Quick Math.
  • Not working on Fridays 😊