VoIP: What you need to consider

Whatever device you use to communicate, it’s constantly getting easier to do so! Internet speed and stability are increasingly improving and Voice over IP (VoIP) service are replacing the standard phone call as a cheaper and more accessible alternative.

We have been a VoIP user for years now, so if you are thinking of going over to the other side but not sure you know enough about the service, here are some of the things we think you should consider!

Internet connection 

First and foremost- without a strong connection, VoIP cannot be considered. It may be that you need to decide between broadband or leased lines, this is sometimes a toss-up between line qualities or higher internet speeds- but give us a call and we can talk it through with you. Either way you need a good connection before VoIP is an option.

Hosted or managed- you decide! 

There are two options to go for when deciding how to ‘go VoIP’- hosted or managed.

Managed VoIP, means that you are in charge of the onsite system. Initially the cost are generally greater as you need to buy hardware and pay for maintenance fees but this way does also provide you with greater control.

On the other side (the way we do it) with hosted VoIP you can leave all those extensive initial costs with a third party. Your third party will also monitor and update whenever needed its services. Hosted VoIP tends to be a more attractive as the costs are lower and you only pay for the services you use from your service provider.

Technical involvement

Deciding between hosted and managed really depends on how technically involved you want to be! If you have limited IT knowledge- or no dedicated IT role within your company, the hosted VoIP option tends to be the most logical to go for.


Naturally one of the first things to think about- but also secondary factor when considering the other stages of introducing VoIP to your company, such internet speed. As above, hosted tends to be the more cost effective option for a smaller organisation- but do get in touch if you want to discuss both options.

More than just your phone network at the office

VoIP can go beyond your phone network in the office to the mobile devices your team uses on the go. Choosing a system that can integrate mobiles can allow your employees to access conference calls and answer direct calls whilst they are out and about- simple!

Plans for growth?

VoIP covers this too- but it’s important to choose a provider that can work alongside you as you grow. Ensure your supplier is both up to date with the latest technologies and can adapt to your expansion plans.

Cloud-based systems are always recommended as these services will always be updating to make sure that they are in-line with the most up-to-date tech- please do ask us for more info one this though and we would be happy to recommended.

Voice over IP on the cards? Don’t hesitate to give us a call to discuss with our team! We are an IT Support company based in Lancaster, Preston and The North West and you can contact us on 01524 581 690 or email [email protected]

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