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As a leading designer, manufacturer, installer and commissioner of electrical systems, Iconsys in Telford, Shropshire, brings the latest technologies and best-in-class solutions to its customers all over Europe. Super-strong IT systems are essential for the company to operate effectively, so how does Q2Q ensure this?

Here, Lisa Grace – office manager at Iconsys – talks about the partnership.

  1. Summary of your business in your own words (inc. sector, focus, no. employees, location)

Established in 1987, we employ about 50 people and work with companies in all sorts of sectors across Europe. We have very specialist skills in engineering and technology, along with a great track record for completing successful projects.

  1. How long have you been working with Q2Q?

We have been working with Q2Q since early 2017.

  1. Why did you choose Q2Q & did you research other potential partners?

We had Q2Q recommended to us by another relatively small company here in the Midlands, which was great because we might not have known about them otherwise. We did research other potential partners – we considered a large company closer to us in Birmingham – but we didn’t get the same sense that we would be an important client, as we did with Q2Q. We met Andrew, the managing director at Q2Q, and we were impressed with what he had to say.

  1. Which services do the Q2Q team provide for you?

They provide managed IT support and look after our infrastructure, in terms of keeping the servers running smoothly. They set up all our laptops, operate a help desk and work with us as we evolve.

  1. What do these services mean on a day to day basis?

Having Q2Q on board means we don’t have to worry about IT matters. We know they have a full view of our systems and will respond to issues, as well as alerting us to potential problems. The team also handles liaison with any third parties who need to get involved.

  1. What difference has Q2Q made to your business?

We are confident that our IT systems are as secure as they can be, particularly in light of the new GDPR requirements. Andrew is very knowledgeable in this field and has delivered training for us.

  1. How would you rate the team in terms of:
  • Value for money – Good
  • Level of customer service – Good
  • Level of knowledge – Good
  • Responsiveness – Good
  • Proactivity – Good
  1. Do you think they compare to other IT providers, or do they stand out? If so, why?

I feel we understand each other and there is a real affinity there. We’ve had other providers in the past where we haven’t felt as looked after, which has prompted us to move on. This hasn’t happened with Q2Q and the relationship is still strong.

  1. What are your goals for your business, and what role does/will Q2Q play in helping you achieve those?

We want to continue to grow and our solid, reliable and up-to-date IT systems will enable us to do that.

  1. Is there a specific team member that deserves a special mention? If so, why?

Damien – if there is a crisis or something that needs fixing we know he will be there for us and find efficient solutions. He is always upbeat, positive and reassuring.

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