Make February count- three ways to boost productivity!

I bet we all started January feeling refreshed, re-booted and ready for a productive 2016, and yet how many of you are now feeling the exact opposite, and it’s only February? Perhaps it’s time to take a step back, we have collected three of what we think are top tips for increasing productivity.

Competition is all around us, so by simply making your activities more efficient and getting more work done you could be increasing your competitive edge. Perhaps productivity is just a personal issue, or perhaps it’s a company wide problem. Being in the SME environment means every minute of you and your employees or colleagues time is of the up-most importance- set some February resolutions and take a look at these tips that could well help you finally kick start 2016.

Morning time out

Take time out in the morning sounds ridiculous- surely this is the least logical time to be having a break? Not necessarily. Taking a few minutes before you start work to get your mind on task and simply get ready for the day. Come into the office earlier and eat breakfast whilst getting set up for your day.

Exercise first thing (if you are mental enough) is also a fantastic way to get your brain in gear. I often find my most productive days are those when I have dragged myself out of bed to the gym at 6am.

You could even use this time to ‘empty your thoughts’ onto paper. Any ideas that need remembering or just simply a to do list of the days task- I use Google Extension ‘Momentum’ that adds a little inspirational quote and allows me to write down my main task for the day- it’s a constant reminder in case I steer away from the task in hand.

For more on Google extensions click here 

Become a ‘single-tasker’

Did you ever think you would hear such a thing? Make the effort to focus on one task at a time and make sure you have finished it or at least have done everything you can at that time. Same goes for checking your emails- every time you take time out to read them, it’s time out of the task you were supposed to be doing. Set an email reading time- perhaps first thing and then first thing again after lunch.

This also means those tasks with a deadline can get finished quicker, and reduce the stress inflicted when try to finish something with the clock ticking.

If you think of something important- jot it down.

Think differently

Often, the most productive individuals think very differently. They are constantly challenging their own thoughts and in doing so develop a productive mind-set. Not sure what I mean? Here are some examples…

Replace thoughts like this…

• ‘I have so much to do, how will I have time?’

• ‘I wish this was different or that was different- I feel overwhelmed’

• ‘I am so stressed, I can’t think straight’

With thoughts like this…

• ‘What is the best way for me to get everything done?’[

• ‘What can I do to improve this situation?’

• ‘What is causing this stress- how can I manage this situation better’

How you phrase things can directly impact how you feel about certain tasks and activities- even if you are just talking to yourself inside your head.

These are just some simple examples- but have a think about how you can thing more positively and therefore more productively.

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