Our 3 Top Tips to improve your website

Arguably nowadays, your website is not the most important part of communication between your new/potential customers and your business. With the rise of social media, the importance of face to face networking and of course LinkedIn, a website has become less of way to communicate but a way to sell yourself.

This does not mean that is it obsolete- your website is your identity and there are many ways to make sure your site is more appealing and more engaging to visitors.

We have picked three things to help to you upgrade and make sure your website is doing the right job!

It’s not just about you

One of the best ways to improve your site is to get your customers and partners to get involved as much as possible. Testimonials are a perfect way to do this. Not only do they resonate with those visiting your site as they can see and hear from real examples, but it encourages you to interact more with your customers- potentially even find out areas where you can improve.

These don’t have to be just in written form either, video content is now king and everyone loves killing time watching videos on-line. This moves us onto point two.

Video Content is King 

Think about what areas of your organisation could benefit from video content? Do you have a product or service that requires some explanation? A new product that’s launching, or simply the introduction of a new team member. It is now easier than ever to shoot, edit and upload video content to you webpage.

Videos do not have to be complicated either, a 30-60 second introduction or explainer video will do and there are many pieces of free software out there that can help you with the editing stage. But if this is completely daunting, our partners Workshop Media offer a subscription for editing video- for a very worthwhile price they edit your videos and help us optimise them for YouTube/Vimeo- they will also make shorter twitter friendly versions if necessary.

We have worked also worked on Go Animate for our Q2Q Sofia explainer video.

Moving on…

Calls to action! 

So your website looks fabulous, there is loads of content for visitors to engage with but where go they go from there?

It is so important to have regular calls to action within your website pages- most of ours leap to contact forms so that you can always get in touch if you have a question or enquiry. Getting the balance right is important too though- just enough, but not too many.

If you would like any more pointers on how you can create a more dynamic and interesting website, do not hesitate to give us a call.

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