How to extend your dreaded IPhone Battery!

Most of us work on-the-go these days whether it’s going to and from client meetings attending events or travelling long distances. But, unless you have a charger handy, there is always the dread of losing battery on your phone! I’m afraid by using your IPhone its inevitable that the battery will drain, for some reason we haven’t mastered this bit of technology yet- but there are ways you can help extend your battery life.

Activate low Power mode

The easiest way to save your battery! Low Power Mode is a simple switch in your IPhone settings that will automatically reduce the brightness on your screen, the amount of power your apps are using and disables things like automatic email fetching.

Settings > Battery > Turn Low Power Mode to Green

Lower the screen brightness

Brighter the screen, the more battery you drain. You can adjust this in Settings> Display & Brightness. Here you can also turn off Auto-Brightness, which automatically adjusts the brightness of your phone in different lights.

Switch off Wi-Fi

WHAT? No WIFI? At least whilst you are out and about switch off Wi-Fi as your IPhone will be constantly searching for a valid connection whilst you a moving. Of course once you are in a fixed location and know there is a decent connection then you can switch it back, but whilst on the go, its best to switch it off!

Switch off cellular data

Similarly to Wi-Fi, cellular data will always be ‘working’ when there is no cellular coverage so your phone will being to constantly searching for signal. Of course if you are awaiting a phone call or need to make one then you can’t turn off this function but if you are short on battery and need to make it another hour or two, turn off your cellular data whilst you don’t need it.

Aeroplane Mode

You are below 10% and getting seriously desperate, how the hell are you going to get through the rest of the day on such a low battery life. Aeroplane mode comes to the rescue. This function shuts down all signals to your phone.

Activate the control panel on your phone be swiping upwards from the bottom of your screen and click the aeroplane icon.

Alternatively, we suggest you invest in a power bank so that you can have extra battery charging facilities on the go! As you can see we are an IT Support company based in Lancaster and serving the North West- including managed mobile for your employees.

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