How to Create a Strong Password

“A strong password is a safe password” – how many times have you heard this advice? It is a mantra that the entire technology sector holds close to its heart, Q2Q-IT included. But, as the recent TalkTalk password breach has shown, even a strong password isn’t infallible.

Obviously, remembering a number of long and complicated passwords can be a difficult task. Password managers – such as Last Pass – can help with this, especially as it is important that you do not use the same password across multiple sources. Variation is the key to a secure password and is what you should strive for.

As such, barring larger security breaches such as at TalkTalk, ensuring your passwords are secure is the best way to guarantee your business is safe. Remember, a strong password needs:

• The longer the password is, the better you avoid the risk surrounding a shorter variation. There is no specific minimum, but it is generally agreed that a password 12 characters or more is preferable.

• Numbers, symbols, and other variations are the best way to add unpredictable variation to your password.

• D00r is not a secure password simply because you used the number 0 instead of a letter.

• A random password, found through the flip of a dictionary, can be as insecure as the name of your first-born child. Random words can be very obvious, even a combination of random words, so ensure you choose something that is a little less obvious than ‘reddoor’.

A strong password is not capable of protecting you from all of the threats out there, but it is the best first step! It is also important to keep your computer safe from malware that can capture your password, as well as phishing sites and other such threats that exist online.

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