Bills are on the rise, everyone seems to be a little strapped for cash, and it may be tempting to try and save some £££ when buying a new laptop, but here’s the thing;

Cheaper laptops often have slower and older hardware. Compared to higher-end laptops with multi-core processors and solid-state drives, cheaper laptops will perform worse in benchmark tests. This means that even quick and easy everyday tasks will take much longer to complete.

A laptop with an SSD drive will often boot in less than a minute, whereas a cheaper laptop with a standard disk can take up to several minutes from being turned on to being usable.

With cheaper laptops, you also risk poor quality trackpads and keyboards. You may think that won’t be an issue but get back to us when you start to suffer from dropped or double letters when you type! 

Another risk with cheaper laptops is Low resolution and slow screen refresh rates which can cause eye strain and headaches. Cheaper laptops can also be less reliable and more likely to have unexpected crashes. 

If you wanted to give your employees the perfect excuse for not working efficiently, buy them a cheap laptop!! 

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