Samuelson Wylie Associates have been a client of Q2Q since November 2016.  Based in the center of Lancaster and founded in 2005, they have built a reputation for creating memorable content, events, and experiences, working predominantly with some of the world’s biggest automotive brands and media.

  • What was the issue?
    • Due to Covid and the resulting change of working practices, they were all working from home, but the server remained in the office at City Lab, Lancaster.
    • They had not been using the office for some time and intended to be working from home for the foreseeable future so had instructed their internet provider to cease the internet line at the office.
  • How was the client effected?
    • The client had not considered/realised that ceasing the internet line would mean the server lost connection to the outside world and would therefore not be accessible by the staff that were now working from home.
    • They had spoken to the provider directly so Q2Q were unaware of the change, and not able to advise them as to the implications in advance
  • What had they tried themselves if anything?
    • All attempts to connect to the server achieved no result, so they immediately contacted Q2Q.
  • What did we do to fix the issue?
    • Q2Q spoke with the MD of the company and established their situation, assessed what their needs were, and advised them that as the internet line had been ceased, we were unable to reconnect them to the server. After some quick tests, we established that the MD had an excellent internet connection at home which would be fit for purpose from a business perspective.
    • Q2Q arranged the collection of the physical server and internet equipment from the office location to Q2Q HQ to enable some settings changes prior to the move to its new location.  This ensured it would connect seamlessly on arrival with little input required from the client other than the physical move.
    • Q2Q then provided a simple guide of what to do when they got the equipment back home, so it was up and running with very little effort.
    • The client arranged transport of the equipment to its new site and got it powered on and connected to the internet line.
  • What effect did it have for the client?
    • The client was instantly then able to have all its remote working staff able to gain access to the server and work as they had done previously
    • With this complete loss of service, Q2Q quickly enabled the move of the server, with minimal stress and inconvenience to the client.
    • Feedback from the team at SWA was extremely positive, and they were particularly grateful for the speed at which we resolved the issue, the concern we demonstrated for their predicament, and how smoothly we made the transition for them.

MD Ben Samuelson had this feedback. 

“We’ve done some amazing stuff this year and couldn’t have functioned without Harrison and your other colleagues at Q2Q”. 

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