• What happened / What was the problem?
    • The client regularly has meetings both internally and with external clients. The meetings are often collaborative and there was a need for various people in attendance to be able to “show and tell” from their laptops.
  • How was the client affected?
    • It was awkward to have people huddle around each person’s laptop screen in turn, to be able to see what was being spoken about, and people dialling into the meeting remotely could not see at all.
  • What did we do to fix?
    • Over time, many of their meeting rooms have been equipped with a system called “Clickshare”. This clever system comprises of a control unit that connects to the main room display via cable, and also one or more Clickshare “buttons”.
    • These small wireless dongles plug into anyone’s machine, and once installed (the driver is contained within the device for super easy on the fly install), that person can click the button and their screen is displayed on the main room large display for all to see.
    • With additional technology such as Microsoft Teams, this can also be displayed to all remote dial in users not present, for example while working from home.
  • What effect did it have for the client?
    • Meetings are now much easier from a collaboration element. Several users can have a button each and take turns “clicking to share” their screens back and forward as discussions take place, or a single button can be passed from person to person to each give their presentation in turn.

Fun Fact:

The devices are compact and can even be hidden behind the displays as all of the communication from the buttons to the unit is wireless.

Buttons can be re-paired with different room display units where required, for example if a larger than normal meeting with many more delegates is taking place, buttons can be “borrowed” from other rooms and then moved back “home” following the bigger meeting.

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If people are interested in learning more or having a conversation about how Q2Q could help them implement this technology for their meeting spaces, please get in touch.

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