Did you know that noise levels sampled from some high-end rack mounted tech equipment such as servers have measured more than 80 decibels, and therefore require action by law!  

In some office environments, even when noise levels do not exceed this, the characteristics of the noise, such as its monotony and pitch, can be significant factors in reduction of concentration and work output.

At our client’s location, the server, internet firewall and network comms equipment were situated on open wall shelves in the office. Alongside this issue, the existing network switch was at capacity and more devices were needed to be connected.

The clients had to put up with the humming and whirring whilst working each day. The sensitive server equipment was also exposed to potential knocks and spills as well as the normal daily dust and dirt.

On a routine visit we noticed the issue and were able to propose a new acoustic server cabinet to house all the equipment in. These cabinets are foam-lined and can reduce audible server and associated equipment noise by as much as 30dBA. The cabinets are equipped with whisper quiet fans to regulate the temperature of the kit stored inside, and dust ingress for the equipment is dramatically reduced, therefore extending the life of the equipment.

The cabinet was mounted high up on the wall out of harm’s way, and a new, larger switch was included to increase the available connectivity for current and future expansion.

The internet router/firewall was also safely housed in the cabinet using a state of the art, custom rackmount kit.

The result…

The background noise in the office was noticeably reduced, all the sensitive network and server kit is now safely out of reach, and the chances of anything being accidentally knocked or turned off are now eliminated. The extra network capacity will allow for growth, and they now have extra storage space on their shelves to boot!

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