The Bendrigg Trust pride themselves on being a service provider you can trust.

They have over 40 years’ experience providing outdoor adventure activities for people with disabilities and from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Bendrigg has different course options available throughout the year for Schools and organised groups (such as charities & colleges), families with a disabled member and adults with a disability.

  • What was the issue?
    • Bendrigg Trust required the ability to Hot desk to give staff the flexibility to access vital company data and resources, while being as mobile as possible. Their infrastructure was not capable of providing this natively, as they don’t have an onsite server capable of delivering roaming profiles or delivering a seamless user experience.
  • How was the client effected?
    • Users had multiple slightly different profiles across all the PCs, which naturally presented problems with different screens and layouts across the variety of machines they used. Where problems cropped up for each user, it required fixes to be multiplied across all machines. Security was a concern too, as everyone had a local machine account that wasn’t protected by 2FA, and without password strength enforcements.
  • What did we do to fix?
    • Q2Q are now well on the way to fully moving Bendrigg over to the Azure ecosystem. They now have a full Azure domain setup, complete with security reinforcements, a script repository and most importantly a centrally managed domain with single sign on capabilities.
  • What effect did it have for the client?
    • Although not yet fully implemented, users are able to sign in on any machine and have a 99% identical experience. Scripts, configurations, and policies deploy automatically and reliably, and are much easier to amend and create.

In an interesting turn of events, Microsoft have setup two teams of staff members to do battle against each other!

The red team is a group of full-time staff within Microsoft whose role is to attempt to breach Microsoft’s infrastructure, platform and applications.

The blue team is made up of either a dedicated set of security responders or members from across the security incident response, Engineering, and Operations organizations. Their job is to detect and respond to all security incidents (be it the red team trying to attack, or real work attacks from real life cyber baddies!

Microsoft employs hundreds of people in these teams to attack all their products like Azure, Office 365, Xbox Live, etc, and to defend it too!

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