Damien celebrated 21 years in his role this month, he joined the team before Q2Q was officially started, so he is probably the member of Q2Q that most of our clients know the best. But have you ever wondered what it is really like to work alongside him in the office? We asked the team some juicy questions all about their experience working with Damien, and we thought you would love to see them!

What’s the best thing about working with Damien?

  • Always makes the office a brighter place with his ridiculous jingles and made-up songs.
  • Excellent communicator – pleasure to work with.
  • His versions of ‘singing’.
  • His energy and positive attitude are infectious, and he always manages to cheer me up!

What’s the worst thing about working with Damien?

  • When he claps REALLY loudly in the office when he’s excited, it drives us mad!

What is Damien the best at?

  • You can always rely on him when times are tough!! He is MR Reliable.
  • His analogies, taking something technically confusing and simplifying it into plain language.
  • Watching Damien in initial meetings with new clients, particularly when he talks them through our Audit process, is a joy to watch. His ability to explain the most complex issues in plain language, ensuring the client feels comfortable and that they understand all the issues, is nothing short of spectacular!

What is your favourite memory of working with Damien?

  • My very first day at Q2Q (Pushing 7 years️) was a mini road trip with Damien to a customer’s site. He made me feel very welcome and have clicked ever since that day, consider him now a great friend and colleague.
  • Great advice and training preparation for Total Warrior.
  • I couldn’t possibly choose one moment.. it sounds corny but he’s literally my ray of sunshine in the office, and the most dependable, loyal colleague (and friend) ever. We joke regularly about the fact that he simply is “Q2Q”!

If you could change one thing about Damien, what would it be?

  • His attention span…
  • I’d give him gloves for hands to stop the clapping!
  • That he never claps again in the office!!

If you could steal a particular talent from Damien, what would it be?”

  • If I could steal one talent from Damien is his ability to handle numerous projects at the same time.
  • His seemingly endless energy!
  • His incredible memory.
  • His ability to pluck an analogy from his brain to explain literally any technical situation in a way that even the most non-technical person can understand, and they’re often hilarious too!!

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