7 Apps you need in your life

A cool little list of IOS and Android Apps that will make your life a little more organised, days more productive and mobile devise use more worthwhile, keep reading for the 7 Apps you need in your life!

1. Pocket 

Perhaps one of the most important in this age of constant distractions, with articles, adds, videos, social shares and all sorts being thrown in your face from all angles on a daily basis, Pocket is fantastic tool that allows you to get rid of the dreaded FOMO (fear of missing out to those less socially savvy). When you come across videos, articles, pictures, whatever that you need to save to read or watch later you can throw it your Pocket. Stops you getting distracted from your day to day activities but lets you catch up when you are winding down at the end of the day.

2. Microsoft Office

Essential! Word, Excel and PowerPoint for both IOS and Android provide you with mobile ways to view, edit and re-send important documents whilst you are on the go. And with cloud support services such as OneDrive and Dropbox, sharing and collaboration becomes just as easy. This comes included with your Office 365 subscription too and if you don’t have 365 the free option is available for basic viewing and editing.

3. LastPass

A popular tool in the Q2Q office for Google Chrome & Safari, extend your password safety to your phone. LastPass is a brilliant vault that keeps all your passwords in one place secured by one master password. You can also sync your app with your browser so that it automatically fills in the forms on the web. Long gone are the days of trying to remember 7,000 passwords, or having one insecure password for all your applications.

4. Asana

All your teams project management and communications in one place! Often communicating over multiple email threads or conference calls are irritating and impractical. The Asana app lets you create projects, assign rolls and tasks to individuals and keep up to date with each other’s progress. Comments can be added, ideas shared and these can be in teams of up to 15 people for free!

5. AirBnb

For the frequent traveller, AirBnb is a brilliant app that allows you to find quality, reliable accommodation all over the world. From a standard room with a bed to a tree house- whatever the occasion. Perhaps you are wanting to book a quirky location for a staff away weekend or 5* apartment for a visiting customer. AirBnb is the place to go for ridiculous value for money. One piece of advice: have a few messages with your host or ask for a phone call so you can get the feel for their accommodation and service. I have stayed with AirBnb over 10 times now with zero hassle or complication.

6. Hootsuite

Social media accounts are difficult to keep up with, but an essential business tool, think about how many people you know using Facebook, you should be using social to reach new potential customers and keep everyone updated with new and interested content from your organisation. Hootsuite allows you to schedule posts whenever necessary across all platforms. We use it across all our social media channels. Not only does it allow you to be proactive with your social media campaigns but means that when you do spend ‘live’ time looking at your social accounts you can making more meaningful engagements such as keeping up with your current customers and replying to comments, shares and retweets.

An extra just for fun!

7. Habitica

For those motivated by gaming or those who just need motivating. Habitica makes your life a game- The App turns all your tasks into little monsters that you have to ‘conquer’ before you can move forward in the game. The game is designed to help you improve your daily habits, level up, gain gold, collect equipment simply by accomplishing daily tasks and chores and avoiding your bad habits. Sounds ridiculous if you aren’t’ into this sort of thing, but it’s also genius if you are, and need a bit of organisation in your life!

I hope you will try working with at least one, if not more of these Apps. – happy organising!

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