What is the best thing about working with Ben?

  • His eagerness, he’s always willing to learn, and his youthful fearlessness.
  • He’s such a nice guy and appreciates the banter.
  • He is very thorough and doesn’t miss a thing!
  • He’s very caring, kind and gentle, and is very well respected.
  • Ben has an incredible attitude and work ethic, he is super reliable and will challenge himself every day to learn more. He’s a really great lad and Q2Q is lucky to have him!
  • The chilled vibe he brings to the office.
  • His enthusiasm.
  • We can talk about our silly Baldurs Gate 3 play-throughs…

What is the worst thing about working with Ben?

  • He can never make up his mind about what brew he wants! It takes ages before he decides whether it’s tea or coffee today…
  • Literally nothing!
  • Our shared passion for singing and making random noises, he brings out the worst in me, so I think there will be a Q2Q Boy Band coming in 2K24!
  • His super-long brew decisions, it may take up to three minutes for him to decide if he wants a brew or if he wants tea or coffee. Sometimes when the answer is received the kettle needs boiling again…
  • Realising he has never experienced Y2K testing because he wasn’t even born then!
  • It’s a bit of a faf working out where we’re both up to in Baldurs Gate as to avoid spoiling the story for each other!!

What is Ben the best at?

  • Learning new things!
  • He is fantastic on the phone with clients; calm, reassuring, and patient… he’s just excellent!
  • He’s the perfect example of delivering great customer service.
  • Dancing… he should go on Britain’s Got Talent!!
  • Reaching the top of the whiteboard without even stretching.
  • Having curly hair.

What is your favourite memory of working with Ben?

  • Despite the rather large age gap, we wear the same brand of shoes (Converse) as I am clearly “down with the kids”
  • Any time he “blue screens”, he sometimes just randomly loses the ability to speak coherently and just laughs and shakes his head!
  • When he started at Q2Q he settled in immediately, like he’d been here forever!
  • His dancing at the Crafty Scholar in Lancaster, not an office memory but we’ll take it!
  • His super smooth dance moves on a Q2Q party night.
  • Him jumping towards the kitchen clicking his heels together like a madman!

If you could change one thing about Ben, what would it be?

  • I’d ask him to slow down a bit…
  • Nothing, he’s just perfect.
  • I’d give him worse dress sense, he shows us all up in the fashion department!
  • Absolutely nothing!

If you could steal a particular talent from Ben, what would it be?

  • It’s maybe not a talent, but I’d steal his energy.
  • His voice/accent! He is SO well-spoken, without coming across as “posh”!
  • His confidence when speaking to others, he’s self-assured and well-versed.
  • Definitely his dancing skills!
  • Not a talent, but I would love to steal his hair!
  • His singing talent.
  • His curly hair… Mine gets curly but I want the “Most Curly Technician” title!