A Highland Fling

Lyle & Scott Scotland move to a great new site in Selkirk.

Client: Lyle & Scott


What was the challenge?

An opportunity arose to move to a fantastic new site, a little further up the A7 in Selkirk, and Lyle and Scott decided to take it.

The new site has stylish new office and meeting facilities and will eventually include a coffee shop and embroidery personalisation services.

The staff from the Hawick site needed to be moved, including all PC’s, networking, and Video Conference facilities.

How did Q2Q assist with the move?

Having been a key part of the planning and preparation, both with the decommissioning of the old site, and the electrical and networking specification for the new site, engineers from Q2Q travelled up to Scotland on a very frosty Friday morning.

We safely organised the movement of key office equipment to the Selkirk offices, de-commissioned the internet connectivity infrastructure, and put in temporary internet connection for the staff remaining in Hawick for the last few days.

We then travelled to Selkirk, fitted new network cabinets and internet comms, CCTV cameras, TV’s and Video Conferencing facilities, and setup the new work spaces for the office staff.

What effect did it have for the client?

The move was incredibly smooth, and staff were able to begin work as normal on the Monday.

Video link-ups between the Scottish and London sites are now a breeze. As always, the emphasis for Q2Q was to make the move as painless and efficient for the client, with as little downtime (if any) as possible.

Despite working hard for two days, our lads ended up gaining a couple of pounds rather than losing them, thanks to a fantastic curry, Scottish breakfast, and an unlimited tuckshop during the day!!