Whats the best thing about working with Tom?

  • His laid-back cheerful attitude, he’s super cool, he is always willing to help, his Friday playlist, and he’s my tea buddy!
  • He’s an amazing human being 😊
  • He keeps surprising me with new, unexpected skills that have very much contributed to the continuous improvement side of Q2Q.
  • His enthusiasm and “can do” attitude.
  • His calm and kind nature.

Whats the worst thing about working with Tom?

  • His “Veggie-ness”!! Can you grab me a vegan sausage roll?  “NOOO Thomaaaasss”!
  •  The guilt of eating anything that once had a face

What is Tom the best at?

  • Azure
  • He works well with others – excellent at solutions.
  • Tom loves writing internal guides, which in turn makes it super helpful for sharing any knowledge between team members.
  • Making customers feel completely at ease while resolving any level of problem.
  • Recently he’s unleashed a real talent for process mapping which is invaluable to an IT support team.
  • Being able to see things that others may have missed

What is your favorite memory of working with Tom? 

  • Staff nights out, his dancing.
  • When I first started at Q2Q he was very welcoming and very patient.
  • All the amazing chats about I.T gadgets. I can always count on Tom for a proper techy natter with all the I.T lingo.
  • The sheer excitement when we talked in depth for the first time one to one about process improvement, we are kindred spirits!
  • Winding him up about everything he owned being made from bamboo on a night out!

If you could change one thing about Tom, what would it be? 

  • To eat meat with the rest of the office!
  • That he took Eminem off his Friday playlist
  • His confidence! He is SOOOO capable but way too hard on himself.

If you could steal a particular talent from Tom, what would it be?”

  • Remaining outwardly calm at all times no matter what drama is unfolding around him!
  • His keen eye for developing a fantastic internal technical document.
  • His height 😊
  • His calm manor

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