Ever since our Core Team Leader, Harrison, added an iPad to his tech arsenal, he hasn’t looked back. Here’s why this sleek device has become his favourite piece of tech.

Portable Powerhouse – The iPad is a game-changer for Harrison, especially compared to his laptop. Its portability means he can easily carry it to meetings and jot down notes without fuss. Whether it’s handling the team’s objectives, sharing files, or sending emails, the iPad handles it all effortlessly.

Apps at His Fingertips – All the apps Harrison relies on daily are tight there on his iPad. From organising meetings to tracking tasks and communicating with the team, everything is just a tap away. This seamless access makes his role as a team leader smoother and more efficient.

The Magic of the Apple Pencil – One of Harrison’s favourite features is the Apple Pencil. Taking notes, drawing, and marking up documents has never been easier and more fun. The precision and responsiveness of the Apple Pencil make it almost feel like he’s writing on real paper.

Versatility and Performance – The iPad isn’t just portable; it’s incredibly versatile. With a high-quality display and long battery life, it’s perfect for both work and leisure. Whether he’s sketching out ideas, watching tutorials, or catching up on emails, the iPad delivers top-notch performance every time.

The Apple Ecosystem – As an Apple fanboy, Harrison’s iPad fits perfectly into his tech lineup. With an iPhone, Airpods, and now an iPad, he’s fully immersed in the Apple ecosystem. The seamless integration between devices enhances his productivity and keeps him connected in style.

In Harrison’s own words, “You name it, I can access it.” And that’s why his iPad is now his go-to gadget for getting things done. And the Boss agrees… Harrison’s memory has definitely improved since he started taking notes on his iPad 😉.

At Q2Q we have several clients that use iPads for all sorts of different uses, so get in touch if you’d like to know more. Maybe this handy gadget would be useful for your business!