The Most Astonishing CES 2017 Reveals

From the 5th to the 8th of January the world’s biggest technology show will be in full swing. CES – Consumer Technology Association – helps start-ups and companies from around the world to showcase their newest technology every January. It’s an exciting time of year here at Q2Q-IT as we look forward to seeing all of the innovative technology being revealed!

But, what are the best (and potentially worst) gadgets on display this year? Some of them have flown straight out of the future!

50 Years of Gadgets 

Begun in 1967, CES has seen five decades of amazing technology being developed for the mass market. Some of the gadgets displayed at that first show may have seemed futuristic at the time, but today they have no doubt been replaced by bigger and better technologies (likely showcased at another CES show in subsequent years).

This is something we look forward to every year here at Q2Q-IT – some of the technology on show is incredible!

On Show

Virtual assistants are the name of the game this year at CES. Amazon’s recent release of the Echo has sparked a whole wave of competitors trying to match. The Echo is the host for Alexa, Amazon’s answer to Siri, which allows you to voice control your home, play music, order food, listen to the latest news headlines and even check your online energy accounts. It is the first step towards a ‘smart home.’

Other examples of AI assistants are Microsoft’s Cortana and the, as of yet, unnamed Google Assistant. Currently, these all exist on the company’s own platforms (i.e. phones) but in the future they wish to expand this to third party devices. For example, Amazon aspires for the Echo to turn on your smart television and so on. This obviously comes with a few issues and negotiations to be made between prospective companies and Amazon, so these plans may not come to fruition for many years. Even despite the technology to do so already existing.

In which case, you may be jumping ahead of the trend buying an AI assistant at this moment in time. But, the wonder of CES has certainly shown us the possibilities even a year or two down the line! Here at Q2Q-IT we can’t wait to see the full capabilities of this technology.

Another exciting prospect to be found at CES this year is a tactile tablet. Called the Blitab, this is an innovative Austrian design which is being hailed as the iPad for the visually impaired. Physical bubbles in the device can change on the area above the screen in order to create dynamic braille. It is a great addition to the technological world, as increasingly companies are developing inclusive technology for those with physical ailments. Making people’s lives easier on a day to day basis.

Technology is constantly making the world a better place to live for many people as it develops – both at work and at home. So, the future of this type of technology is very exciting indeed. Who knows what CES 2018 will bring!


Have you ever thought to yourself, “This speaker is great, but if it levitated it would be on a whole new level?” Well, your dreams are about to come true!

It’s safe to say that some of the technologies on display at CES are quirky. But, where there is a demand we have no doubt that these devices will do well.

One such device at the show is a device which helps to track a dog’s fitness – supposedly it also informs you when the dog is either hungry or thirsty! The accuracy of this device is questionable, after all, it also claims that it will be able to tell you why your dog is acting a certain way. It seems a device straight out of a children’s film, but in a world of animal lovers who want to give their pets the best life possible it is certain to have a diverse customer base.


Of course, this technology is fun to think about; but, is any of it actually feasible?

From moving pictures to a vehicle that could fly, the idea has always been great but the feasibility is something humanity can’t help but question. Certainly, some of the technology won’t be available to the mass market anytime soon. But, the prototypes prove that it is possible to track your dog’s fitness or have a levitating speaker in your office. Do you need to do either of these things? Possibly not, but you certainly can.

The world of technology is fast-paced, with advancements happening daily that most people are not even aware of. Whether as a consumer or a business the amazing choice of technology that will soon be available is mind-boggling. A lot of the time this can be difficult to keep track of.

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