IT support keeps watch retailer ticking

With two showrooms in Wolverhampton and Harborne, Midlands-based Rudells stocks both high-street and high-end jewellery and watches. But what makes the business tick? With 80 years of heritage underpinning the brand, everything centres upon quality, service, value and longevity. However, to meet the challenges of the modern retail environment, those same characteristics had to be apparent in Rudell’s IT partner. Did Q2Q fit the bill..?

Rudell’s Executive PA to the Managing Director Fliss Durnall shares her thoughts…

  1. Summary of your business in your own words

We’re an independent jewellers with 35 staff members. We stock an extensive range of jewellery, diamonds and watches, from affordable pieces to those crafted by the world’s most exquisite brands. We’re celebrating our 80th ‘birthday’ in 2018.

  1. How long have you been working with Q2Q?

We’ve been working together since the start of 2013.

  1. Why did you choose Q2Q & did you research other potential partners?

They came recommended – so highly, in fact, that we didn’t even think about looking anywhere else.

  1. Which services do the Q2Q team provide for you?

The team has become our IT department. When they came on board they overhauled our entire system – replacing our servers, hardware and emails, as well as setting us up with a whole new approach. Now we have a seamless communications infrastructure that evolves effortlessly as we continue to grow.

  1. What do these services mean on a day to day basis?

It’s simple – the system works. Properly! If we ever do encounter any issues, straight-talking help is on the other end of the phone and resolutions are immediate.

  1. What difference has Q2Q made to your business? 

It all boils down to efficiency. Whether we have a new starter joining us or we need to upgrade some of our technology, the process is hassle-free which, ultimately, means our management team has one less thing to worry about.                                                                                 

  1. How would you rate the team in terms of:
    1. Value for money
    2. Level of customer service
    3. Level of knowledge
    4. Responsiveness
    5. Proactivity

It’s 4 out of 5 for everything (we think there’s always room for improvement in everything!)

  1. Do you think they compare to other IT providers, or do they stand out? If so, why? 

It is difficult to compare as I don’t have much experience of other IT providers but that is a testament to the Q2Q team – we’ve never had to look elsewhere! What I do like is how ‘human’ they are. I think Q2Q’s personality is extremely important, as is their commitment to talking in plain English – I actually understand a lot of ‘IT speak’ but many people don’t.

  1. What are your goals for your business, and what role does/will Q2Q play in helping you achieve those?

We are a business with longevity at the heart of our brand and, to sustain that, we must always look to the future. As long as our IT keeps working well, we will.

  1. Is there a specific team member that deserves a special mention? If so, why?

Damien is the ultimate problem solver. He understands what makes a retailer tick and ensures he delivers the service that we need.

A final word from director Sioux Jones:

“The support and solutions provided by Q2Q means we continually forge forward in an ever-changing world.”

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