Oglethorpe Sturton & Gillibrand have over 30 solicitors split between their offices in Lancaster and Kirkby Lonsdale. To provide the best service to their clients they also have solicitors who specialise in one particular field of law so they are able to advise on specific issues and guide clients through their individual transaction, with the highest level of legal skills and guidance.

This is what makes Oglethorpe Sturton & Gillibrand one of the most well-known, and highly sought after law firms in the area.

OSG’s Lancaster office required some essential electrical works to be carried out over the weekend. Power would be turned off early on Saturday and be re-instated by Sunday morning.

Having experienced issues in the past with sudden unplanned power outages, causing staff to be unable to work, the management team at the practice were keen to avoid these planned works causing any IT related issues. Q2Q were consulted well in advance, and we were able to plan a sequence of targeted support steps to ensure no adverse effects occurred as a result of these works.

At a pre-arranged time, Q2Q safely shutdown any power-loss sensitive equipment at the site Friday evening, including the servers, ensuring they did not suffer any “pull the plug” type of power loss. One of the management team at site planned to be in the office on Sunday, and could power up the servers. Q2Q attended site earlier on the Friday, and clearly labelled the server power buttons with bright stickers, allowing the client to power these up themselves, without worry of pressing the wrong thing – these are far less obvious when the server is off and they aren’t illuminated!

Q2Q dialled in to check the servers were all ok Sunday evening, to pre-empt any issues ahead of time. We also arranged extra staff to be in the office Monday morning, in case an emergency site visit was required.

Further checks first thing Monday confirmed all was well, and that staff would encounter no issues when they arrived for work.

With all bases covered, the Client was able to rest assured that any chance of downtime due to these works was minimised, and a safe pair of hands were ready to spring into action should any issues occur. Q2Q and the management team at OSG worked together to ensure these required works went without a hitch. Staff arrived Monday morning and could start work with complete normality.

Behind the scenes, Q2Q have also worked to move all mission critical systems at this client to high dependency devices, which are much less “power loss sensitive”. As a result, should any sudden, unplanned power loss now occur in future, normal IT functionality can be resumed within minutes of power being re-instated.

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