Whats the best thing about working with Mike?  

  • Always positive and stress free!
  • Mike has no IT fear and will literally give anything a go!
  • He’s the ultimate example of calm reliability
  • Mike’s excellent and very unique Northern accent and range of words. These are in fact so powerful they are even written in a Northern manor in general Teams and WhatsApp messages, and always deliver a smile when reading

Whats the worst thing about working with Mike?

  • His HUGE, very loud sneezes are deafening!
  • The relentless amount of sugar tablet that he brings in that we are forced to consume.

What is Mike the best at? 

  • His own special phrases that we’ve nicknamed “Mike-isms”
  • Blind transferring calls 😃 “Toooooommmmmmmmmm”
  • Would never say no to a challenge and will always get the job done.
  • He is the most northern-sounding, looking person in the office by far. Hence his pseudo name Northern Mike or T’Techie

What is your favorite memory of working with Mike?

  • Just general day to day chats and laughs 
  • Mine and Mike’s first site visit down to London, Mike may have saved me a fortune at M&M world…no comment.
  • Favorite memory is doing a project with Mike in London, we were scheduled to arrive very late on a Sat. The trains were delayed by a considerable amount of time. This left lots of time for a stimulating general I.T chat about life and computers 😉. However, on arrival in London at the hotel around 11.30pm while knowing we were getting up super early in the morning, Mike was very excited to have a walk around London. He had only been several times before, but this was a new area. It was like going for a walk with a small puppy. Great to see the enthusiasm from Mike for getting involved in something new no matter how tired.

If you could change one thing about Mike, what would it be? 

  • Volume up on talking, volume down on sneezing!!
  • I’d replace the endless boxes of broken sugar tablet with what is the very rare and far superior (in my opinion) box of broken chocolate brownies please

If you could steal a particular talent from Mike, what would it be?”  

  • His Calmness
  • His chilled vibe
  • Ability to get up at “stupid o’clock” in the morning and still function through the day 
  • Mike’s ability to eat what seems like an endless amount of sugar, with no side effects.

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